Freshly baked bread cooling on a rack.
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LOCK-DOWN OVERNIGHT WHOLEMEAL BREAD Having a lock-down and short of stuff? Today is the 2nd week of the lock-down. 29.03.2020. Although we have lots of cupboard stuff like pasta and tinned food, we are getting low on fresh meat and vegetables, and bread, normally wholemeal. I have told my other half that I can always …

Remnant vegetables from the fridge
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How To Make Your Food Go Further In This Challenging Time – Easy Vegetable Curry

Easy Vegetable Curry Well, we are now doing social distancing. I am on voluntary self-isolation as I did not feel good a few days ago. I thought I was coming down with something and felt like I had slight fever and a sore throat. So I self-isolate. There is a family member who is in …

Sio Bao Pasty on a plate showing ther filling.
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Peculiar Pasties: Vegan Pasties with an Oriental Twist

You might be wondering why I am doing pasties? The Pasties are rather peculiar as it is not your usual pasties. That is why I call it  Vegan Pasties with an Oriental twist.   Vegan Pasties with an Oriental twist.   Well, it all started when a business customer asked me to make vegan chocolate  …