Soy milk being poured into a glass.
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How to Make Soy Bean Milk Easy Home Recipe

Let’s learn how to make soy milk with only 2 ingredients. This simple process is very easy and you can have thick delicious and hot or cold soy milk. You can make it anytime at home at your convenience. Soy milk is easily available in East Asia and South-east Asia. We get it from the …

Roast pork served with stir-fry veg
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How To Make Roast Pork (Crispy Pork Belly Chinese Style)

How to make roast pork, crispy roast pork belly Chinese Style? Good question. Roast pork belly, or sio bak (Hokkien)or siu yok  (Cantonese) is easy to make. But the process takes over a day or 2 depending on how long you want to treat the rind. In my  pervious recipe,  use salt to draw the …

The jam shaped into balls for fillings
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How To Make Easy Pineapple Jam

Making Pineapple Jam is easy. We make this jam for pineapple jam tarts. These tarts are very popular during Hari Raya ( Celebration days) or Eid Al-Fitr as know here in the UK. In fact it is eaten all year round. I wanted to post this recipe for Chinese New Year but I had some …