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Poppy Seeds: Harvesting for Cooking

Poppies are one of the easiest flowers to  grow. Once it has flowered, the seeds can be harvested and be used for baking and cooking.

Today I am harvesting poppy seeds for cooking. I planted poppy seeds a few years ago and it was only the last few years that I started harvesting it for cooking and baking. I started doing it after a gardener who was doing my garden told me that the variety that I have, Papaver Orientale, is edible.

She uses it in her baking. Well, since she is a qualified gardener and a chef, I take her word for it.

Bonus: How to sow the seeds for next year. Watch the video!  See link below.

Let’s go to my messy garden and see how I grew it.  I have planted this for many years and I only started collecting the seeds  about 3 years ago.  Since the matured seed pods scatter the seeds when the wind blows, I now see the baby plants sprouting  everywhere. In spring this year, I potted some and sold it to raise funds for my carers group. It was all sold out.

The flowers are really big and lovely but it does not last very long. The good part is that a plant can bear many flowers and the dried pods are good to add to your floral arrangements.

Mind you, my garden is not a professional garden, so my way of gardening may not be your cup of tea. But please let me know if you have any suggestions at all which I can incorporate.

Seeds falling off the pods
The seeds being shaken off the pods into a plastic bag.

So sit back and enjoy the video. Click here: Poppy Seeds: Harvesting for cooking.

On top of using it in bread, rolls and pastry, the hulled poppy seeds are used in curries as well. Know as kas-kas, it is used to thicken curries and add some flavours, too.

Caution though! If you are going for a drug test, like to get a commercial driving license, do not take poppy seeds ( in your pastry or bread) as it would probably give you a false positive test! But rest assured, there is no opiate there!

I have some free seeds and if you want some, do let me know in the chat box. UK only.

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