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There are other products that are currently available in events / farmers market. These are available to supply to businesses.

Vegan Chocolate Cake

A moist chocolate cake hand-made to meet the chocolate lovers’ dream of a cake. It is a semi-naked cake just a chocolate glaze on top,  no fuss, no distractions.  Just  enjoy the moist chocolatey taste.

A slice of Chocolate cake with silver star decoration
This little chocolate cake is feeling festive with stars all around.
A moist chocolate cake on a plate, decorated with rose buds.
A slice of nice – chocolate cake is served!

Carrot Cake with a Kick!

This carrot cake is a bit like a cheeky monkey. 

It has your usual carrot, grated, of course. The instead of your usual ho-hum cinnamon, it had an Oriental twist!  5- spice powder does the trick. I also added extra star anise to give it warmth and chopped fresh ginger for the little kick. 


Some says it tastes like ginger bread. That I can understand. Some commented that it tastes like Bakewell tart! These feed back are from my vegan testers. So I trust their feedback. Rest assure that all the products you find here are tested by vegans.

Carrot Cake with a kick with icing on top
A slice o the carrot cake with a kick topped with icing like snow on roof top.


Carrot cake loaf
Carrot cake loaf before cutting.

Chigan Leek and Potato Pasty.

Vegan Chicken (chigen) pasty made with home-made rough puff pastry. The pastry is light and fluffy. The filling has vegan chicken, potato and leeks. Best served warm.

The plant-based pasty.
Pasty making its maiden appearance in Notjustaconershop


Festive / Winter Pie

A delicious pie with potato and sage mash, pumpkin with 5 spice, mushrooms with rosemary and thyme and soy, a blob of cranberrry sauce all wrap in home-made short crust pastry,


A tray of winter pies fresh from the oven.
A luscious tray of pies fresh from the oven.

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