I would like to hear from you if you are also living overseas and are trying to incoporate your hosts country’s food into your own cooking.

Even if you are not and just enjoy cooking, feel free to drop a line.

You can contact me at : feedback@nyonyarecipe.com or by using the form below.

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    1. Well done Loretta! Website is amazing! So many interesting things happen in your life. I will try some recipes. Your cakes are delicious! Thank you.

      1. Penang Lassie says:

        Thank you Aldona. Happy you find it interesting. It was great meeting with you.

    2. Mayla Ramasamy says:

      Well I am a person who don’t know how to cook. I always enter the kitchen just to take my meals. Well I will try some of the recipe (at least 1 dish) and will comment on the outcome soonest.

      1. Penang Lassie says:

        Well, that is good. so you can try some of the recipes.
        Take care and happy cooking.

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