Small moon cake in the package.
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Moon Cake Festival is Here!! Easy Recipes

With the the moon cake festival around the corner, my friend has been trying out some recipes.

Caryn has been trying with shop bought fillings like lotus paste and red bean paste. After some discussion last year, she decided to use shop bought golden syrup, rather than making her own. I think she has been doing that since .

So the result has been good. This year, she even bought the presentation boxes for the small moon cakes and the bigger boxes that can take 4 cakes.

I have made a #shorts on her moon cakes. She gave me a box and I have finished it. I hope she gives me more.

There are no salted egg yolks in it so it suits me fine.

Here are the cuties.

Small moon cake in the package.
Small moon cake in the package.


Lotus filling inside the small moon cake
Lotus filling inside the small moon cake


Pack of 4 small moon cakes.
Pack of 4 small moon cakes.


Here is the #short. Click here to view 2023 Mid Autum Moon cakes.

I have 2 moncake recipes to share.

This is the easiest to make. Shanghai moon cake is just like making short crust pastry and it is fool-proof. If you can make rock buns, you can make this.

You can add differnt types of fillings. 

Here is the recipe: Shankghai Moon Cake.

Shanghai moon cake served with tea.
Shanghai moon cake served with tea.

Another easy to make moon cake is snow skin moon cake which does not require baking. No steaming of the dough, too.  Just mix the flour with liquid and it is ready to roll, literary.  I tried various fillings and it was all delicious. Do give it a try if you are a beginer. And if you want to try another type of moon cake, just for the fund of it.

Here is the recipe for snow skin moon cake.


A row of snoe skine moon cakes,
Here are some snow skin moon cakes.


So there you go, 2 recipes to inspire you to  make your own, since moon cakes can be expensive. Enjoy and tell me how it goes. So share your moon cakes photos.

If you made it, share your photo here.

IG: @mynyonyarecipe

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Until the next post, happy mid autumn festival.


Penang Lassie

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