I am a Malaysian Mum living in UK for the past few years.

Having moved here means we have to adapt to a new live in this country.

From being a busy entrepreneur, I am now a home-maker and a carer. So life is busy.

I aim to continue to experiment with more local ingredients, Nyonya cooking is a blend of Malay food cooked the Chinese way, if you were to ask me. So now I shall be cooking British Food the Nyonya way and hopefully it is palatable.

I am new to blogging. I will share my recipes. I also look for new recipes all over. If I use a recipe that I like I will give credit to the person. If I used several ideas and form my own, without any major input from other recipes , then I will mention it.


If you like my recipes, and would like to share them, please mention my website and place a link to my website.

No contents may be reproduced, or copied for monetary purpose.

I exert my legal and moral right to my original work. Copying and having monetery gain on my intellectual property creates Bad Karma.