Nyonya Recipe



Nyonya RecipeHello, I have been wanting to have a food blog for quite some time now. Well, in fact for more than 3 years. It is just that I have been sooo busy. Now with things more settled, I am now having a go at it.

My plan is to put in my recipes, so that others can share them and enjoy the food.

I have always enjoyed cooking. Living here in the UK, I can only have access to a limited range of Asian/ Far Eastern food. So sometimes I make do with what I have, and sometimes I substitute the ingredients. There area only 2 super markets in the nearest city, so  you get my drift.

This blog will be a record of the recipes that I have

I have fond memories of cooking while I was young -helping my mum in the kitchen and generally being a dogs-body, doing all the cooking chores. Back then in the 60’s and 70’s, there were not kitchen aids like blenders, food processors, grinders, rice-cookers, slow-cookers, pressure cookers, no-stick pans and so on.

I remember that our family was the first in the town to have a fridge, a toaster, and electric iron. It was years and years later in the early 70’s that my dad bought a TV – black and white. Before that we ( me and the neighbouring kids) would go on one of our neighbour who had a TV to watch our favourite programmes – actually, not our favourite, but our nice neighbour’s ( the one with the TV) favourite.

So  you can say that at that time, everyone was poor by today’s standard

My current aim is to try to recapture the tastes of my childhood with the challenge of having limited access to the ingredients. But things have changed now and food is so cosmopolitan, with food writers and chefs having travelled world wide. While I am not trying to live in the ‘good old days’, I would like to pass the recipes to my kids so that they know their roots. Food evolves, like all cultures. If it does not, then the culture is dead. So I am all for food evolution and we should remember our roots and be proud of it.

I will publish a few recipes each month