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Vietnam Street Food Tour Part 1

I was in Vietnam for my holidays. I tried to book a package,  but the package tour from Malaysia was only in Mandarin. Unfortunately that is the state of affairs nowadays. A lot of people, I mean Chinese people tend to send their children to Chinese school. So English is not so popular now. English is still widely spoken, though.

So I decide to arrange my own holidays. I check on-line and book my own tour with all places that I want to visit. The tours are quite standard and one can see quite a fair bit of the city and the history in a few days. I add in  a cookery class, and I want a street food tour. However, the person handling my tour is of the opinion that I do not actually need a tour guide for this. He will put me in District 1, which is the city centre, where there are ample food around. According to him, I can just go on my own and try all the different food. Food is cheap and it generally cost about USD1.

Great Idea! But I do not speak Vietnamese and I do not know what are the best food to try. All that I know is that there is pho, Vietnamese rolls, bahn mi, and ..oh.. that is about all.

So I took the tour and decide that I should organise my street food tour when I get there. There isn’t much time for it. I only have 2 lots of free time. I keep my fingers crossed.

Fast forward…. I fly there via Vietnam Airlines. I have not flown this airline before. It is ok. Nothing bad or nothing very good. The food is very simple but it is quite delicious, like having a home cooked meal. And I think because of this, it is actually quite refreshing to have home cooked meals in a plane.

Vietnam Airlines lunch. Shrimp with tangy sauce, served with rice and stir-fried vegetables
Vietnam Airlines lunch. Shrimp with tangy sauce, served with rice and stir-fried vegetables

Here is the verdict of the meal: Lunch on Vietnam Airlines.

When I land, I have transport  to pick me up. So I arrange to have a street food tour on bike!!!

This is the best tour so far!  It is one pillion for one bike. It is the most exciting ride and highlight of my holidays!!

Zooming around Ho Chin Minh city in a swarm of motorbikes is surreal. Fortunately, I am a bike rider. I used to go to school in a motor bike when I had my bike license. If you are not used to ridding pillion on a bike, this definitely will freak you out!

The scene is crazy!!

Here is an  action video.

That is all for the time being. The next post will have more info! There are loads of food… and delicious ones too!.


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Until the next round of videos and tall tales,

Penang Lassie.

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