3 bags of cookies in a bag for Chinese New Year
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Welcome Spanking New Year 2020!


Gift Packs for Chinese New Year or when ever you want it.


Just a last minute post before the year is over. 

I just want to wish you a very Happy New Year and may you have perfect 2020 vision in all that you do. With the minutes ticking by, I also want to announce that I have now merge my shop into my food blog site, i.e., this site. This saves me time in managing 2 different sites and it stressed me out quite a fair bit.

But now  that I have done it, I  hope to post more often. I have been busy with a lot of events in December. So these few days I have been cracking my head to come up with new gift packs for the Chinese New Year.  So head over to the shop to have a look. I am also pleased to announce that I  have a few more items which are a bit of a fusion – English cakes and bakes with an Oriental twist. This is the Nyonya ethos… incorporating my culture with the one I am living in.

Here are some of  the packs.

2 jars of plant-base peanut cookies packed as a gift.
A ready made gift for Chinese New Year. A gift to take to the host.


The gift bag is being carried, ready to give away.
The bag filled with cookies, ready to be gifted. Who is the lucky person?



3 bags of cookies in a bag for Chinese New Year
The content of the bag – I jar of peanut cookies and 2 packs of light and crunch cookies.

Just head over to the shop to have a closer look. And you have a discount code too! Use this newsletter15, or you can get it when you shop.

Happy New Year again, and I wish you love, happiness and prosperity for 2020!

Please share and like the post. if you have friends that need this  type of gift, do share this information.

Best wishes.


Penang Lassie.

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