Vegan Mocksarella in Brine.
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Veganuary 2020 and onwards to more events

Veganuary is here.

January is a month for a bit of rest for me after a hectic December.

I am now testing a new product, a vegan mozzarella. I will call it Mocksarella, since is is not made from milk. So it it a mock cheese. Like the Chinese have mock duck, mock pork and they taste good. I use cashew nuts and I have tried it a few times now.

My daughter tells me that it we should do cream cheese or cheese spread. I will come to it when I get my Mock-sa-rella right.

Here is a sneak preview: 

Vegan Mozzarella being cultured
The shy bride – veiled while gently fermenting.  


Vegan Mocksarella in Brine.
The mocksarella soaking in brine, like the real thing.

Normal mozzarella is made from milk where casein is added and the solid bits are mainly the protein and fat.

My vegan friend tells me that cashew nut is a healthy nut. So there you go.

Vegan Mozzarella ready to be consumed.
Ok, now that I am out, I think I taste good.


Sliced vegan mozzarella on a plate.
Drained and sliced mozzarella which will be used for my pizza. 

However, I do not have pizza base, so I just make do with whatever I have on hand. 

Pizza on toast!
Hahaha! My Pizza on toast.


In the first experiment, the cheese ( shall we say cheeve, cheese and vegan?) was a bit soft.

I have tried twice and made it firmer.

It will be available this Saturday 18 Jan at notjustaconershop aka Wigston Fields News and Deli.

Here are the events of for the year so far.


Here are the events:

  • 18th Jan Saturday, Producers Show Case at Wigston Fields Deli – there will be a new product: vegan Mocksarella. 10am to 4.30pm
  • 8th February Saturday, Where to vegan, in Leicester Centre, near the market 11am to 4pm
  •  and every 2nd Sunday of the month.
  • 18th April Saturday, Leicester Vegan Festival at Athena, Leicester. 10.30am to 4.30pm
  • 26th April Sunday, Rugby Vegan Fest 2020, Ben Hall, Newbold Road, CV21 2LN
  • 14th  May, Thursday, Food Demo, Leicester Vegetarian and Vegan Society, Secular Hall, Leics, 7.30 to 9pm
  • 8th & 9th August, Feast Hinckley, Hinckley Argents Mead.
  • 1st Saturday of the Month beginning March, Burbage Farmers Market 
  • 4th Sunday of the month beginning February, Market Bosworth Farmers Market 

So see you soon, and I hope you like this post. Please like and share if you think this is good, especially to your vegan and vegetarian friends.

Penang Lassie

p.s. use the code Newsletter15 to get a 15% discount on your purchase in the shop. 

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