A plate of Maggie Mee goreng, or fried mee goreng maggi.
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My Luggage is Delayed!! But I Managed to have Dinner.

I reach Singapore as scheduled.

My connecting flight to Kuala Lumpur International Airport is 1 hour. So all connecting flight passengers have less than an hour to get to the boarding gate.

Lucky thing I check the onward journey info on the screen before landing,  and I know which terminal to go. There are quite a few of us and I happen to meet a young couple and an older lady.  We are all going to KLIA. So we practically run and are a bit lost. We finally take the sky train to the correct terminal and make  it to the boarding gate in good time.

We board the plane and the flight is smooth.

We disembark and make our way to  immigration. However, the escalator is not working and we have to climb the stairs. Immigration is painless as we have the chip passport and we just go through auto gates.

We then go to collect the luggage. We wait for the luggage… and wait. All the luggage for the flights around that time have been unloaded.

It ends up that our luggage is missing. So we have to report to the lost luggage department. And all of the passengers from the connecting flight from Singapore do not have their luggage. So to we have to queue up, fill up the form with our details. And we are inform that we will get our luggage probably by 2pm the next day.  It seems that there was not enough time to unload the luggage from the London flight to the KL flight!

I waste 2 hours+ for for this … so unproductive.  My sister had to  park her car instead of just waiting for me at the pick up point.

Since my sister set off from her office, she is hungry and we go to a shop near to where she lives to have her favourite food, which is thosai or dosai. I am not exactly a fan of thosai.

I read so much about fried maggi mee or mee maggi goreng in some of my Facebook food groups,  so I order that.

A plate of Maggie Mee goreng, or fried mee goreng maggi.
This is the Fried Maggie mee. I heard so much about it. Check out the verdict.

My sister has her thosai and she likes the coconut chutney. I have my maggie mee goreng wash down with cold drinks -lime juice drink and tea for my sister.

Here is what happens.

So there you go. My first dinner upon landing in Malaysia.

I know the review is not so great, but it is honest

Do follow my journey. Next, I will be celebrating the holidays with more food journey.

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Until the next eat,

Penang Lassie.



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