Making of banh seo in a wok.
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Zooming Around for Food in Ho Chi Minh City Part 2

Zooming around Ho Chi Minh city in a swarm of motorbikes is surreal. Fortunately, I am a bike rider. I used to go to school in a motor bike when I had my bike license. If you are not used to ridding pillion on a bike, this definitely will freak you out!

The scene is crazy!!

The first stop that we go to is a place far away from the tourist area. As I am only a few hours in the city and had not stepped out to the city before… so how can I know that I am far away from the touristy area?.

Well, one thing for sure is that I do not see many westerners here! And the shop is in an alley way. But strangely, the kitchen looks like a make-shift cooking area that is set up for evening, outside the shop. But I could be wrong. Upon closer inspection, it is actually a shop, and with a nice sign board to boot.

The tour guide parks her bike and there is this unspoken practice of parking that one has to pay to park. And I think the guy knows she is a tour guide.  Tables are set up along the alley. Surprisingly it isn’t as dusty or dirty. It is actully quite clean. The tables are under the trees, and it is in the evening now and so it is a bit cool. There were some flies/insects, which is common in SE Asia.

So the guide ordered the dishes and it is served with loads of vegetables. The vegetables come first and I am given a rundown of the different types of fresh herbs and vegetables. Some are new to me, I must say. We have fun trying to pronounce the names of the vegetables. Some are similar to what we have in Malaysia. I am so glad that I have the guide. Otherwise, I would not know where to go for the best, nor do I know how to order it. I wouldn’t have a clue as how to eat eat! It certainly very different! So much fresh green and so varied in taste.

We have Banh Xeo which is like a thin pancake served with loads of beansprouts and eaten with the fresh herbs and greens. There are dips which one has to dip in to accompany the omelette. Hmm, I learn new things everyday.

A big plate of fresh herbs and vegetables to go with th food
A big plate of fresh herbs and vegetables to go with the food

Then I have the Banh Khot, which I initially thought was eggs. It turn out to be somthing else. In fact  it has the same ingredients as the banh xeo. It is interesting and I enjoy the food very much and everything is so fresh and the taste is unique.

Banh Khot, same ingredient as banb seo
Banh Khot, same ingredient as banh xeo. It is shaped like half an egg.

Here is the action video.

That is all for the time being. The next post will have more info! More interesting food.

Until the next tall tale, have a good day and please subscirbe to my blog and my YouTube if  you find it of value.

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