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Exciting Things Are Happening – New Website

The new website for all plant-based deliciousness is now live. I have not been in touch for a while and exciting things are happening.

Well, since early November. Nyonya Recipe Shop Uk, is the new site for all things plant-based. Here we have new , well, new and popular products from the previous shop.

The current shop in this site is still running. The Friday night takeaway is still in this site. This is because the takeaways feature meat and non-meat items and it is good to keep these apart from the vegans as this is more respectful. Please note that  I am not a vegan yet, just doing with more plant-based food for a start. Cheers to all the vegans who have made the switch.

Further to the launch of Nyonya Recipe Shop, UK,  a lot of press  and visibility has been generated.  And I have been very busy trying to cope with it.

Here are the links to:

Leicester Mercury on 22.11.2020

Hi I am in Leicester Mercury yesterday. Do have a look. I am trying to do the Nyonya thing in the UK. Mixing 2 cultures to get fusion food. Do have a read.



In Business Live on Monday 23.11.2020

The same story with a different emphasis / twist


It seems I was in The Hinckley Times on Wednesday, 2nd December as well. I got an order from it. Well, there is more to come from this PR. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

OK, enough about me. What about you? I hope you are all keeping well.

There is a new Friday night take away for December due to requests. I am a bit slow in putting up the menu as I am taking stock of what I have in my cupboard. The menu I have in mind needs a trip to the Chinese supermarket in Leicester. Since we are in tier 3, the highest, I try to avoid travelling to be on the safe side.

So, the menu for the take away will be a simple one, yet as delicious. I will be giving it a go after this post. It is again a family favourite, a stew, since this is December. Snow is predicted today!

The dish is Tau Ewe Bak. Ok, Ok, there is no ewe in it, it is just a how we would pronounce it. Relax…

So keep a look out for it.

In the mean time feel free to browse around the new shop Nyonya Recipe Shop, UK. Most importantly, do not forget your 20% discount code. I have just added a new festive pasty, and it comes via post, nicely wrapped and great as a Christmas gift.

Oh Yes, I am busy with orders. And if you would like to try out the  Festive Pie, do let me know as I am baking a large batch these few days and would be able to add in your order if you wish. Next week delivery ( week of 7th December). If  you need a smaller quantity, do let me know.

Bye for the time being and wishing you a safe and happy Christmas.

Penang Lassie

Nyonya Recipe

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