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You Tube Videos To Watch

You tube videos? Yes, I have been doing a few videos lately. I mean, actually a lot. I have given myself a challenge to do a video a day. Let’s see how it goes.

I have published one video a day, so far and I hope to keep going for December and then January  2020. I think the most important step is to complete December first.  Here is the list. I hope you enjoy watching  it and do not forget to like, subscribe and share. Here is the list. I will add on to it when more videos are released.

List of videos

Tuesday  1Cooking Rice in a Rice Cooker
2French Beans Fried with Prawns
3My First Potato Harvest
4Cooking Rice in a Pot
5Unboxing Amazon Order
SundayUnboxing A Mystery Part 1
MondayUnboxing A Mystery Part 2
8Review of Thai Roses
9Sambal Taukwa
10Quora Chat -How Much Rice is Enough for You?
11Blanched Vegetable
12Oven Fried Chicken
13Kuih Ee Celebrating Winter Solstice
14Kuih Ee with Fillings. A Winter Solstice Speciality pt 2
15Stir Fried Veg in Hoisin Sauce
16Potato Fried with Meat
17Shopping in Chinese Supermarket


Do check out the videos as it is a lot of fun. If you would like me to other videos, do drop me a line. In the mean time, please share, like and subscribe to the channel. This will motivate me even more.

I know it looks simple, But I am still learning. I am still stuck at editing. So I am trying to video it with the least editing. I will need to sit down and learn those tricks. ow I need to cut down the time spent on social media where possible and spend less time on useless news on the mobile, etc.

In the mean time, take care and stay safe.

Penang Lassie

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