Mei Mei's Nasi Lemak

London Borough Market | Food Tour Part 2 I Mei Mei Chicken Rice , Nasi Lemak

Hello, as promised, here is Part 2. After visiting some of the places,  We have lunch there, and also visited some interesting shops and outlets and strolled the streets around the area. There are bars and pubs in the location and many restaurants and pubs on the streets/ road above.

Sio Bao Pasty on a plate showing ther filling.

Peculiar Pasties: Vegan Pasties with an Oriental Twist

You might be wondering why I am doing pasties? The Pasties are rather peculiar as it is not your usual pasties. That is why I call it  Vegan Pasties with an Oriental twist.   Vegan Pasties with an Oriental twist.   Well, it all started when a business customer asked me to make vegan chocolate  …


I bought a Middle Eastern cook book two Christmas ago and had a quick look at it. So recently I decided to have a look at it again and found this recipe. It was easy enough to make and it sounded tasty. I was looking for a snack or  tea time treat. This recipe is just nice …