Roti Jala, Malay, Nyonya food, curry
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How to Make Roti Jala

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Roti Jala is a type of pancake that looks like a net. Jala means net in the Malay language. So Roti Jala means Net Bread. It is eaten as a roti (bread) as it is use to mop up the curry gravy. One can find roti jala in stalls or eateries. Sometimes you can get in restaurant as well.

It is easy to make, just like pancake except that you make it look like a net. This is easy if you have a roti jala cup. The cup is a contraption that has holes in it so that you can make the net quickly and easily. Otherwise, just use a normal catsup dispenser and doodle with it.

Update: 03.02.2021

I have made a video on it. Do take a look.

Here is the recipe.

Quick Info

Makes 10 pcs
Difficulty: easy
Cost: £
Time: 10 to prep, 30 min to cook

This recipe makes about 10 pieces, depending on the size. This will yield 400ml of batter.


125g Plain flour
1 Egg
250ml Thin coconut milk ( metric cup)
125ml water
¼ tsp Salt
A pinch Turmeric powder


  1. Mix all the ingredients on a bowl or a blender. Leave it to stand for about 20 minutes.
  2. Grease a non-stick frying pan or a hot plate.
  3. Pour some batter into the roti jala cup. Make sure that there is a plate or bowl underneath and then bring it to the pan and make a round circle on the pan.
  4. Continue to make lacey pattern. Then quickly remove the cup to the side.
  5. Let the pancake set and cook until the edge flickers up.
  6. Remove the pancake with a ladle and put it on top of a plate.
  7. Fold the pancake into quarters or roll up into rolls.
  8. Stack up and serve with curry.


Roti Jala, Malay, Nyonya food, curry
Doodling with the batter. Note the Roti Jala cup with holes.
Roti Jala, Malay, Nyonya food, curry
The beautiful lacey pattern of the roti jala, viewed from below. 

Roti Jala, Malay, Nyonya food, curry
Folding and making the roti jala into a roll.
Roti Jala, Malay, Nyonya food, curry
Lacy pattern on the hot plate.
Roti Jala, Malay, Nyonya food, curry
Roti Jala Served with Chicken Curry. Yummy.


I normally serve this with my easy chicken curry.



See you soon.


Penang Lassie

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