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Nyonya Recipe Shop is Open

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Good morning,

I have been quite busy lately. I have not post very much although I have a lot of materials to post.

I am so happy to announce that my shop is finally open. I have put up some of our Malaysian favourite cookies so that you have a chance to try it.

Many food blogs show lovely photos. Yes it catches the eye. but does it taste good. Now you have the chance to taste my cookies! You do not have to make it, now you can buy it.

Click here to browse the shop NyonyaRecipeShop.com.


Happy shopping. Do let me know how you find the shop display. Your feedback is most appreciated.

Please share the link with your friends and family, especially those who like to try new food, and if you have Malaysian or South-east Asian friends.


Penang Lassie

p.s. there are special hampers that you can gift. There are bundle buys so that you can  get related items at a special price. Do check it out!  Click here for special bundles.


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