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Getting Ready For Chinese New Year

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Now that the Christmas and the New Year festivities are over, and extra pounds somehow lodge itself to our bodies, it is now time to prepare for another festival.

This time it is Chinese New Year. In fact I have started to do my shopping for my cake and cookies ingredients. This year I plan to make Peanut cookies, Kuih Bangkit, Kuih Bulu and the obligatory New Year Cake, Tnee Kuih.

I have also tried out my Almost Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies. Well you know which famous brand one I am referring to, if you live in the US or in Asia. Somehow, I have not come across this famous brand of chocolate chip cookies in the UK.

I got the recipe from my niece while we were still in Malaysia. We have tried the recipe and it was delicious. However I had not made it since  we moved to the UK, and the recipe was in the luggage!! So I decided to take out the recipe and tried it again. I baked 2 batches to give away as Christmas presents to all the lovely support staff and teachers who gave us, our family such incredible support.

The feedback was positive and the cookies were delicious!! I have made another 2 batches. I gave some to my Malaysian friends and the rest were all consumed by my girls. I shall be making more. I will share the recipe in the next blog.


Meanwhile here are the recipes. Just click on the titles.


Peanut cookies



Hmm, Yummy.
Hmm, Yummy.

Kueh Bulu

Kueh Bulu

Kuih Bangkit


Kuih Bankit


Tnee Kuih


Finally, do not forget to plan for the Reunion Dinner.

Cheers and enjoy all the hard work -baking, baking and baking.

Penang Lassie.




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