Scenery of Scotland from the car- snow-covered mountain.
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Scotland The Brave

I haven’t been posting regularly. This is because I am so busy with Nyonya Recipe Shop. I have been having to do all things by myself as I am the only one working on it and I have to attend a lot of digital training. Alas, I am not able to implement what I have learnt due to being a solopreneur. Well, life has its setbacks. But worry not, I intend to get on top of things. This is a big challenge as I find that as I age, my mind works faster than I can physically work!! Well come to the old foggies club!.

So now here is my post on my recent holiday to Scotland.

We had a trip to Scotland for a week to celebrate 2 birthdays and to spend time with relatives in Scotland. My husband book over a weeks’ holiday at a cottage in the Isle of Skye.

We left early Friday morning in order to avoid the rush hour. We drove to Scotland and on the way we had several stops. Polly the dog was really good, bearing in mind that it was such a long drive. She was really calm all the way and slept in the car. When we had our convenience break, we take her out for her to stretch herself as well.

We reached Scotland in the afternoon around 3 pm as it was the time when school is out. It was good in Scotland as there was snow and ice and it did give us a feeling of real winter as there was hardly any snow in where we live. So it was good..

Soon after we arrived and unpack in my sister-in-law’s home, there was a hail storm!. We had dinner with the family. The next morning, we left early. The other family members have also spent the night with other relatives. All in all there were 3 cars heading to Isle of Skye and we hoped to catch up with each other along the way, if not during the journey. We stopped along the way around Loch Lomond. There are many stops around Loch Lomond as the lake is very big.

Winter snow in Scotland. View outside my sister in law's house,
Finally, getting proper snow for the winter. Scene outside my sis-in-law’s house in the morning.

We stopped around Fort William for lunch at the Green Welly stop. It is like the services here and its called the Green Welly here. This time, the hubby went for lunch first as he always had his lunch/break after we have ours. So my daughter and I took the dog for a walk around. It was snowing lightly. Then we had our lunch. Well, I wasn’t going to pass the chance of having Scottish food.

Shetland sheepdong having a walk with daugther after being in the car on a long journey.
Polly the Shetland Sheltie, or the Shetland Sheep Dog, feeling at home in cold Scotland. She is having a break with daughter.

You guess it, I ordered Scottish food. My favourite being Cullen Skink, a Scottish soup made of smoked haddock, potatoes and onions. It also has milk and sometimes cream. I do not know why I like it so much, perhaps it s the smoky flavour of the haddock. I also remember eating smocked haddock served with mash in posh Scottish Restaurant years ago, and I loved it. Strangely enough, I have never desired to cook the dish. I suppose I am not bothered to get the real smoked haddock and probably I find getting the cream and milk a bit too much for me as I do not usually consume them as I tend to watch my weight. So whenever I have the chance, I will order it.

Cullen Skink is a traditional Scottish soup made of smoked Haddock. Delicious.
Cullen Skink, a traditional Scottish soup made of smoked haddock. It is also my favourite soup after cock-a-leekie and chicken and potato soup. Lovely smoked haddock gives it its distinct taste and flavour.

Cullen Skink is not cheap it cost around £5 per bowl.

Grilled Chicken salad for lunch
My healthy lunch. Well, trying to be healthy as much as I can before having loads of Scottish food and celebrating birthdays. I must be sort of prepared.



Mac and cheese served with garlic bread.
Mac and Cheese, my daughter;s fav food. It comes with garlic bread.

The Green Welly stop is actually a shop that sells most items that travellers would want, like food, car suppliers, papers, stationery, and here in Scotland you have… whiskey! What else? The shop carries a good range of whiskeys. Scotland is famous for its single malts, so that is what we, or my other half buys and enjoys. I can do tasting of whiskey very well, even though I am not a drinker and I can identify the malts by tasting them, just like one would taste wine. Unfortunately, I have been a tee-totaller for a long time and I lost the memory of all the taste and flavour.

The shop also sells everything Scottish like kilts and tartan scarves and textiles and all manners of souvenir.

After spending a long time in the shop ( as we were wondering what happened to him as we could not find him), he came out with a haul of whiskeys… and am not going to count them. It is his birthday,

We met up with my relatives at the stop, too. And they had tea and cakes with us before we all left together to the Isle of Skye.

We did not take the ferry as we reckoned we would be too late for it and we drove all the way. After searching for a while, we found the cottage and then unpacked all our stuff, etc.

The cottage looks non-descriptive from the outside. Inside, the cottage was big and with a great view of the sea. The whole of the back of the cottage was glass and we had a great view of the sea, the marshland and can see the rolling waves crushing to the shore during high tide. The cottage is named Hygge which is a Danish word It is a lovely cottage.

hygge, the name of the cottage, 'hue-gah'
Hygge, the name of the cottage. You can google it to see the real meaning.
A book about hygge, the Danish art of living well.
I found out the real meaning of ‘hue-gah’ in this book. It is very interesting and I learn new things everyday!
A drift wood chair at the back of the cottage. the back walls are full glass.
A driftwood chair to enjoy the sun on a sunny day. Note the glass wall.
View of the sea from the back of the cottage, with marshy land leading to the water.
Scenery from the back of the cottage. There are seals frollicking in the waters towards the right.

In the evening, we unpacked and had a look around the cottage, take our rooms and dinner was nuked food that we had bought from the supermarket before we set off. Then it was my sister- in- laws birthday. We celebrated with a cake, presents and cards.

The next day, I was up early and decided to cook lunch/dinner in the morning as then we can do whatever we want after that. Actually it was meant to be dinner, but I managed to cooked everything by around 1pm, so we decided to have it as lunch instead.

After lunch, we went for a walk. It was a BIG Long walk….. More of that in the next post…..

Until then, stay tuned and I promise to do a post each week. So go on and like and share my post by clicking the link, not cut and paste.


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