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Day Of The Dead! A Mexican Tradition


nyonya, recipe, easy, Chinese, Straits bornOn Saturday, I was invited to celebrate the Day of the Dead by my friend, Dianne. Dianne had lived in Mexico for several years.

This is the 2nd time I have been invited. I wanted to blog about it last year, but I was too busy. So now, well, I am busy as well and I do not want to miss blogging or rather boasting about it. 

What makes the event so enjoyable is the company, and of course the food. Dianne always  make the most delicious vegetarian meals. And I sometimes accepts all her invitation because of that!! Oooo.. you can tell I am greedy!

The Day of the Dead is a day where the living can communicate with their loved ones who have passed on. In Mexico, it is celebrated on a large-scale and everyone is involved, friends, families, colleagues, neighbours and the whole village!! There are effigies of loved ones who have died and the living have a great time having food and drinks. Actually there is more to what I can tell you as I do not have much info about it, except from my friend.


So let me share some great photos of the house and the amazing food. The first thing that hits me when I enter the house is the amazing smell of mushrooms cooking on the pan. Then there are the smells of the spices and lots of others that I cannot really decipher. Here goes:

skeleton on halloween, dead,
A skeleton hanging on the ceiling, and I am not scared! He is just hanging around looking for some fun! ( Pun intended).


skeleton on halloween, dead,
A skeleton lady about town. She is having a good laugh! Look at her teeth! So nice and white.


skeleton on halloween, dead, altar, communicating with the after world,
A quite place to communicate with relatives who have passed on. A nice quite and warm and cosy place to heal, and have a closure to the grieving.


skeleton on halloween, dead, food,
Food! How many food items can you identify? Answer is at the end of the post.

So this is a short post. I hope it makes easy reading. You might have noticed that I sometimes there is a gap of about 2 weeks before I post. This is because I am working on how to bring some of my food to you. So do watch this space.

Until the next post, happy Halloween and get scared! Did you have a party! How did it go!!

Penang Lassie

Answers to the question: type of food on the plate:

Cheese, corn, guacamole, rice, mushrooms, black beans, curry or stew with chocolate, plantain, coriander powder….. soo many ingredients that makes it taste so great.

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