Sio Bao Pasty on a plate showing ther filling.
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Peculiar Pasties: Vegan Pasties with an Oriental Twist

You might be wondering why I am doing pasties? The Pasties are rather peculiar as it is not your usual pasties. That is why I call it  Vegan Pasties with an Oriental twist.

Vegan Pasties with an Oriental twist.
Well, it all started when a business customer asked me to make vegan chocolate  and carrot cake. Initially, I felt that I should not be doing that as it is English, and not Malaysian or Nyonya. I later rationalised that actually, I should do English food. The meaning of Nyonya is that the Chinese Cuisine in Malaysia has incorporated Malay and Indian  elements. Therefore, it is actually very apt that I Nyonyanised the English food.

So, the Chocolate Cake is the moist chocolate cake which Malaysians are fond of. The Carrot Cake with a Kick has 5-spice powder, star anise and chopped fresh ginger. These tropical spices give it the ‘kick’. Both cakes have received rave reviews.


Home-made and Hand-made Pastry
I make my own rough puff pastry. The feedback that I receive is that the pastry is very nice. I think it is really nice, too. I have also reduce the fat content by 25% so it has less calories. My customers will only get served what I would eat. Therefore, you are in good hands. Hence, the result is the Peculiar Pasties; Vegan pasties with an Oriental twist!
You can have a choice of Savoury or Sweet Pasties. Pasties are usually savoury, but why not sweet, I asked?  The original dragon balls are encased in a flaky Chinese pastry. The dragon balls actually taste better with the puff pastry. Earlier, I did not change the pastry as puff pastry does not do well when it is in a round shape like a ball. Now with the rough puff, It is ok as it is folded like a calzone. The Dragon Balls pasty is sweet yet with a bit of savoury. Combine this with the rough puff pastry, it tastes great.
I have a new item- – coconut and cardamom. I used to make Coconut Candy flavoured with cardamom and it tastes great. Coconut seems to pair well with cardamom.
Here is the run down of the pasties.


Chigen, Leek and Potato Pasty
This is my take on the English Chicken Leek and Potato Pasty. I replace the chicken with vegan quorn chicken. Hence the name Chigen.
Chigen Leek Potato Pasty
A warm Chigen Leek Potato Pasty for Lunch.
Sio Bao Pasty.
Now that I use rough puff pastry instead of the Chinese Flaky pastry, it tastes even better!
Sio Bao Pasty fresh from the oven.
A Fusion Pasty with Chinese Bao filling encased in home-made rough puff pastry.
Seasonal Pie/Pasy
We had the festive/winter pie in December and January.
Spring Pie
This is a new product and was launched last week at Wigston News and Deli, Wigston fields. 
LambNoghini Pasty
I suppose you can guess the ingredients. But I do have a secret ingredient. Remember, all are plant based.

A drawing of a cute lamb/Red Cross Mark


LambNOghini Pasty
New Pie/Pasty. Seasonal Spring Pie. Full of spring flavours. No lamb, peas and mint and a secret ingredient.
Cooked Spring Pasty Filling on the stove.
Spring Pasty filling with vegan meat, peas, mint, herbs, etc., and a secret ingredient.


Dragon Ball Pasty

Pasty with Dragon Ball filling.
Oriental Dragon Ball filling wrapped in a western rough puff pastry. Fusion Food.
Coconut Pasty
Coconut Pasty
A sweet pasty filled coconut with a hint of cardamom.
So, are the vegan pasties peculiar?
Vegan and Gluten-free Peanut Cookies.
Girl holding the peanut cookies with both hands.
A precious pack of vegan and gluten free peanut cookies.


A pack of vegan and gluten free chocolate chip cookies
Cookies suitable for vegan and the gluten-intolerant.
a pack of vegan and gluten free chocolate chip cookies
A pack of vegan and gluten free chocolate chip cookies suitable for vegans who are gluten intolerant.     
Cranberry Cookies in a bio-degradable packining
Freshly baked vegan cranberry cookies packed in a biodegradable bag. 

And finally the cakes!

Just iced carrot cake and it looks yummy.
Freshly iced carrot cake ready to go.


Chocolate cake covered with chocolate glaze.
A simple looking chocolate cake with a simple chocolate flavour, no fuss.

The Cakes are sold in slices.

There you have it. The products are available at the Where to Vegan event on 2nd Saturday of the month. The coming one is on14 March, and at Wigston Fields News and Deli on 21st March. 

Do follow me on face book or instagram to get the latest updates -on the venues and new product launch. There will certainly be new pasties. So watch out.


Please like and share with your friends and spread to love of vegan food.


See you soon.


Penang Lassie


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