Nyonya recipe Gazebo, featuring Malaysian favourits.
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Hinckley Sunday Munch Septemer 2018

nyonya, recipe, easy, Chinese, Straits bornI was in the September Hinckley Sunday Munch. I missed the Hinckley Feast 2018 as I was too late in booking. This is because I only decided to have a stall to test my products early this year. I finally took the plunge to try it out near where I live, and June was my first event.

I must thank all my friends and acquaintances who took the trouble to support me, and I am forever grateful. This time round, more people came to my stall and try the goodies. This is good as more people try, more will get the chance to taste food that are different. So here I am, trying out new food in the area that I live.

This round , I have the usual Pandan Chiffon and Mocha Chiffon cakes;


Very soft chiffon cakes, Malaysian favourites.
Pandan and Mocha Chiffon all in slices. Come and get your fix!

My favourite  Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate Chip and Nuts Cookies, best eaten with a cup of coffee. It is so moreish that you can finish the whole pack in one sitting.

Chocolate Chip cookies and with nuts. There are packed in see through packaging.
Chocolate Chip Cookies. Dark chocolate drops are used. All cookies and biscuits are wrap this way.

Vegan Sio Baos ( Siew Baos), I use vegan quorn pieces.

Chinese vegan baked pastry made with vegan quorn, Sunday Munch, Hincley
Vegan Sio Bao fresh from the oven. Made from vegan Quorn.

Vegan Peanut Cookies , all plant based

Several types of cookies, chocolate, peanuts and nuts.
Cookies galore – peanuts, choc chip and choc chip & nuts.

Vegan Dragon Ball, also known as Tau Sar Pneah, or Penang Tambun Biscuits, all plant based.

Vegan Dragon Balls, made from mung beans,
Freshly baked Dragon Balls from the oven, It is sprinkled with sesame seeds.
Vegan Dragon Balls, made from mung beans,
Dragon Balls.The filling is made of mung beans or moong dhall. The shallots give it a nice aroma. Goes well with a cup of tea or coffee.

I get my inspiration for the vegan option from some of my friends who are vegetarian and vegan. I always feel bad that my vegan friend don’t get to enjoy my food, hence I need to do something.

And low and behold! ….I have new products. This shows that it is always good to recognise and value diversity. I gain by accepting who and what my friends are and I benefit from new products. I always try to be positive and appreciate differences. I know sometimes it get a bit difficult, but with patience, we can accept all people. ( Why must I always try to look at the philosophical side of things? Too much analysis.)

I make my own vegan ‘egg wash ‘ to replace normal egg wash. So it  is ok when you see ‘egg wash’ on my vegan products. I do like to joke that it is ‘mouth wash’, and it is just a joke among friends.

So if you are coming to this end of the world, do pop by. The next Sunday Munch is on the 2nd Sunday of October, the 14th.

So I hope to see you soon.

Nyonya recipe Gazebo, featuring Malaysian favourits.
My red gazebo. Hope this is bright enough to attract attention!

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