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Or Bak (Black Cooked Meat)

Or Bak or Black Cook Meat
Or Bak or Black Cook Meat

This is another easy and cheap dish using very basic ingredients that can be found in almost any kitchen. If you have dark and light soy sauce in your kitchen, then you must try this – even if you are a novice in Chinese or Malaysian cooking. You have salt and pepper in you kitchen, right? The pepper I mean here is white pepper powder, which is easily obtainable in any corner shop or supermarket.. And sugar too? And corn flour? If you do not have corn flour, you can use other plain thickening agent like ordinary flour, but it takes a bit longer to cook the flour and it tends to be thicker, i.e., more starchy.  If you are using ordinary flour, you just need to make sure that the starch solution is cooked. it takes maybe a minute more, nothing serious. Here is the recipe.

Or Bak (Black Cooked Pork/Chicken)

Quick Info

Serves:           4-6

Difficulty:      dead easy

Cost:               £

Time:              20 mins to prep and cook Pro points: Per recipe: Per serving:


400g       Pork shoulder,  lean, sliced thinly about 3mm x 3cm x3cm


2 tbsp       Dark soy sauce

3 tbsp       Light soy sauce

¼ tsp       White pepper powder

2 tsp         Sugar or to taste

¼ tsp       Salt

1 tsp          Corn flour

1 tbsp       Cooking oil, or calorie controlled spray

1 tsp         Corn flour mixed with some water


1.  Marinade the pork with the marinade ingredients for at least ½ hour in the fridge.

2.  Heat the oil in a frying pan, or spray with calorie controlled spray. When hot, add in the pork and fry in one layer on one side until brown. Turn over and fry the other side.

3.  Once browned on both sides, add in about 150 ml of water, and the remainder of the marinade. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 5-7 minutes, until the pork is tender.

4.  Adjust seasoning by adding more salt or sugar, or water to taste. The dish should be slightly sweet.

5.  Thicken the sauce slightly by adding some of the corn flour mixture, if you prefer a thicker sauce. Add a bit more water if it is too thick or if you prefer more sauce.

6.  Plate up and serve with rice and another vegetable dish ( like the bean sprouts in my previous post)

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