Loretta at Nyonya Recipe Gazebo in Leicester City.
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Vegan Market in Leicester, 2nd Saturday of the Month

Here I am on the 2nd Saturday of the month, in February. This is the 1st time I am in this event. It is a good start for me to get my vegan food to Leicester City. This event is held at the Market Place, a square just next to the market.

The day is blustery, a bit, but hey, this is February. So I expect the weather to be cold.  I normally get to where I want to with my faithful sat nav or tomtom. I  am a bit wary about driving around in the city centre as there are one-way and pedestrianised  streets.  This is an ‘age’ thing. Now I dislike driving at night and driving to new places.

Thanks to modern technology, I can now search for the place before I go. However, I think I am not so gung-ho as when I was younger. My friends use to tell me that I am very brave doing all the  things that I do. As much as I do not like to admit it, that I am getting old, I can feel the body is not so flexible as before and there are aches all over now! And, I am getting to be forgetful!! But I read some where that if one is aware that one is forgetful, it is definable not dementia! Just part and parcel of getting old. Phew!

So on  Saturday, I drive all the way to the Market Place, very carefully, and try not to get flustered. We reach the venue and we are the first ones to arrive. Later more traders arrive and we set up. Then I have to drive to the car park. Again I use my Ms Google to help me. She takes me … via a big round about the city and to the car park. The parking is the Lee Circle Parking. I actually do not like this car park as the last time I used it, many years ago, it was a bit run down and gloomy looking. It is no the nicest place.

So I drive up the floors and finally find a spot and park my car. On my way out I ask a lady what does it mean when the sign says that one would only be able to enter the car park by using the parking ticket. It turns out that once you get out of the car park, you can only enter by scanning the parking ticket. Hmmm  .., this is great. Good security!  So far this is the first car car pack that I come across that has this security feature. So I feel safe. Here is a little snippet about the car park, and you will be surprised. Lee Circle Car Park.  

The walk to the venue takes me about 15 minutes.

This time, my daughter number one helps me to set up. Then I am ready for the Vegan Market in Leicester!

I now have a varied offering and there are a few variants of Pasties. The Pasties are doing well and here are some of them.

Chigen, Leek and Potato  Pasty

Vegan Chigen Leek Potato Pasty

A warm Chigen Leek Potato Pasty for Lunch.

Sio Bao Pasty

A Fusion Pasty with Chinese Bao filling encased in home-made rough puff pastry.

Sio Bao Pasty fresh from the oven.
An Fusion Pasty with Chinese Bao filling encased in home-made rough puff pastry.

A seasonal pie – Winter pie

A tray of winter pies fresh from the oven.
A luscious tray of vegan pies fresh from the oven.


Sweet Pasty

Dragon Ball Pasty

Vegan Pasty with Dragon Ball filling.
Oriental Dragon Ball filling wrapped in a western rough puff pastry. Fusion Food. All vegan.


Coconut Pasty

Vegan Coconut Pasty
A sweet pasty filled with coconut with a hint of cardamom.

All the pasties and pies are hand made, so you can see that it is a bit wonky in shape. The amount is the same, it is just the shape that varies a bit. Some are a bit darker. This is due to the amount of vegan ‘egg’ wash that is brushed on it. I make it myself and it is also due to the domestic oven that I have.  I suppose this is the charm of artisan hand made products! 

Peanut Cookies

Vegan and Gluten-free Peanut Cookies
A flavourful vegan and gluten-free peanut cookies.

If you love peanuts, this is peanut heaven. It is made to a traditional Malaysian recipe and with less sugar. This is one way of making you feel less guilty!

I also do these delicious cakes:

Moist Chocolate Cake and Carrot cake with a kick.

Vegan Carrot cake and chocolate cake served with mango.
The Sweet cakes served with mango.

And of course the cookies. The cookies are now vegan and gluten-free.

There is the chocolate chip, cranberry and chocolate chip and nut.

A variety of Vegan and Gluten-free cookies

3 types of cookies, all vegan and gluten-free.

Here is a little write up about me. 

Leicester welcomes Vegan Festival

By Mary De- Wind

Vegan businesses gathered in New Market Square to give the public insight into their products on Saturday afternoon.

Where to Vegan was founded by 27-year-old Hiren Chohan from London.

He realised that finding vegan food was hard so he decided to change that. Its website has many vegan food options as well as locations of places.

Born in Leicester, Hiren has made it his mission to target every vegan in his area and the event is held on the second Saturday of every month.

Leicester City Council head of markets Paul Edwards said: “This event will provide inspiration and ideas for anyone who’s interested in finding out more about veganism, but it will also appeal to anyone who just loves good food.”

Loretta Lee moved from Malaysia a few years ago to the UK. Moving has meant that she has had to change and adapt to this country. From being a busy entrepreneur back home, now she’s a carer for her daughter as well as a home maker.

After working with different businesses, she realised she didn’t want to work for anyone, so she started her own business Nyonya Recipe.

“I started off making food with meat in them and it was great, but I wanted to do something for a niche market. So, I started making food for vegans,” said Loretta.

“My husband works a lot so I decided this business will keep me sane and occupied. So, I started a food blog and now I’m here doing what I enjoy.”


Of course, I commented more than that. The interviewer needs to crop the story to fill the space. Nice job, Mary.

I hope you like this post. I hope to be in the March event as well. Remember, 2nd Saturday of the Month in Leicester City.
Please like and share with those who like to try different food from different cultures.
See you there.
Penang Lassie XX
P.S: I will be at Wigston Fields News and Deli on 21st March with all the goodies.

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