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#ChineseNewYearFare Health and Prosperity Prawns

Health and Prosperity Prawns.
Health and Prosperity Prawns.

This dish is in response to the Butter Prawns that is so well-loved by all in Malaysia. Butter Prawns is loaded with calories. The prawns are deep-fried first, and the rest of the ingredients are fried in lots of butter and oil.  Eggs are used to make the crispy bits and  the whole lot is dunked in oil and has to be drained to remove the oil before serving. I shudder to think about the calories.

This is a leaner version and does not include butter. As all dishes come with auspicious names, I add ‘Health’ to this as the Chinese are usually most concerned about prosperity in the new year. Actually, it’s all year round!. Even a popular Chinese New year song goes like this:

The God of Prosperity is here!

The God of Prosperity is here!

The God of Prosperity is waiting at the door!

So you see, we are very into wealth. Nothing wrong with it so long as one acquires one’s wealth in the proper way.

Now back to the recipe.

I first tried this recipe last week using scallops. I only managed to get a small pack of frozen scallops which was really big and juicy. It was delicious. My daughter liked it too.

So this time I tried with prawns and made a bigger batch. I found that it is better to make the recipe smaller as the prawns can get a bit watery when fried in a big batch.

I served it with rice and vegetable – typical Chinese style but you can serve it as a starter with a salad and some warm toast or bread.

I had left-overs as there were only two of us having dinner last night.  I served it with pasta  with a squeeze of lemon for lunch  and it was delicious.

I will do this next time just for Pasta.

Health and Prosperity Prawns

Quick Info

Serves:        6-8 with accompaniments
Difficulty:   Moderate
Cost:            £££
Time:           10 mins to prepare 6 mins to cook
Pro points:

Per recipe:

Per serving:


250g       Tiger or large prawns –raw, peeled weight
1 tsp        Ginger juice
1 bunch  Spring onions ( around 8-10 stalks) – chopped ½ cm
4              Chestnut mushrooms –cubed ½ cm (approx 100g)
1               Red chilli chopped
½ tsp      Freshly cracked black pepper
½ tsp      Szechuan pepper powder
2               Shallots – chopped
5  fat        Garlic cloves – chopped
¼ tsp      Sea salt
1 tsp         Corn flour mixed with 2 Tbsp water
1 pinch   Sugar
1               Lemon


  1. Season the prawns with a pinch of salt and sugar and the  ginger juice.
  2. Heat a wok or frying pan and spray with low-calorie control oil spray.
  3. When the wok is hot, add in the prawns and sizzle it for about 30 seconds and turn over and sizzle for another 30 second.
  4. Dish our and set aside.
  5. Spray with oil again and add in the garlic and shallots and toss till lightly browned. Add in the mushroom. Toss or another 1-2 minutes . Add the chilli and the spring onion.
  6. Season with the cracked black pepper, sea salt and a pinch of sugar.
  7. Then add in the prawns and stir to mix.
  8. Add in the corn starch and toss to mix and that the bits stick to the prawns.
  9. Dish out and serve immediately with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Great with pasta as well.



Health and Prosperity Prawns served with rice, as usual.
Health and Prosperity Prawns served with rice, as usual.



Great with Pasta!!
Great with Pasta!!

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