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A new find – The Old Dairy Restaurant, Kirkby House

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As you know, we love to try out new restaurants around where we live. We came across this restaurant some time ago and the feedback from friends was that it wasn’t very good. The B & B, Kirkby House has been in business for a long time, and there was not a restaurant in the premise. The restaurant stated a few years back.

Earlier this year, we saw signs being put up by the roundabout along  Clickers’ Way and some other strategic places. So we thought we would give it a try.

It was Mothers’ Day and the 4 of us went. The place was packed and we had a later seating, which suits us fine as we always have a late lunch on Sundays. The food was good and service was fine as well.

We went there again a few weeks later – just me and my other half.

There was a slight change in the menu which reflected the change of the season.

For starters, my other half had tomato and paprika soup. The soup was delicious and it was served with bread and salad! I suppose the leaves were more of a garnish.  I had the fresh water crayfish served on a bed of mixed leaves and drizzled with Marie rose sauce. It was beautifully presented. The sauce and the mayo, with a hint of horseradish, were lovely and went well with the seafood.

Lovely Tomato and Paprika Soup.
Lovely Tomato and Paprika Soup.


Crayfish with piquant Marie rose sauce.
Crayfish with piquant Marie rose sauce.

For mains, we had the Rare Roasted Scottish 28-day matured sirloin beef. The beef was served with home-made apricot stuffing.  I had the English black spotted crispy loin of pork, served with savoury stuffing and wine jus.

The roasts were served with gravy, fresh seasonal greens and roast potatoes. They sure have large potatoes based on the size of the roasties!!. The servings were generous and we could hardly finish the sides. The beef was tender and the pork was tender and moist, with cracking thrown in as well.

Rare roasted Scottish 28-day matured sirloin beef.
Rare roasted Scottish 28-day matured sirloin beef.


English black spotted crispy loin of pork.
English black spotted crispy loin of pork.

Then came the desserts, or we call it here ‘pudding’. I was feeling quite full and was tempted not to have it. However, on our previous occasion here, I did not have the pudding as well as the portions were generous. So this time I decided to order.

Seasonal greens and huge roast potatoes!
Seasonal greens and huge roast potatoes!

All this time, I was eying what the patrons in the tables around us were having for pudding. ( It is always wise to check up on things before ordering, you know.) It looked like they enjoyed their puddings and the puddings were very well presented.

I ordered the Morello cherry crumble. ‘Morello cherry topped with coconut crumble and vanilla custard’ was the description on the menu. When it arrived, I could smell the lovely fragrance of the crumble, somehow it smelled like there was almonds!!

Mmm, fragrant pudding,,
Mmm, fragrant pudding,

Anyway it tasted heavenly! The sweet cherry filling with the crunchy and fragrant crumble gave it a contrasting and interesting texture.  The  fresh fruits help to cut though the sweetness and the custard was warm and soothing. There was chocolate sauce as well. On the whole I enjoyed it very much and the presentation was a sight for sore eyes. It was definitely worth all the extra calories that I was not supposed to have!! I am not a pudding person, and this shows how good it must be for me to pay such a high compliment.

It was an enjoyable Sunday lunch and I skipped dinner that evening. All very well as this is the way to save money!!!  .. Just joking.


We will definitely go there again.

The price was reasonable and service was good. The food is Modern British . As usual, we had a glass of red wine, coffee and tea as well.

Total: £50+


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