Pouring soy milk to make soy pudding
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How to Make Soy Pudding- DouHua

Soy pudding is nutritious and is very popular with the Chinese and South-east Asian communities. Also known as tofu fah in Cantonese, or Touhu hua in Hokkien, or DouHua in Mandarin.

In olden days, the tofu fah  vendor will ride his tricycle carrying a vat of the hot tofu fa. He will stop at his usual stop, usually near some busy shopping area or market. The tofu pudding will be ladled with a slightly spherical ladle made specifically for the purpose. This apparatus scoops up layers of the pudding, while not too thin, to prevent breakage. He then pours brown or plain sugar syrup on it. So we consume it there while it is hot or take home some in  a plastic container.

3 small bowls of soy pudding.
3 small bowls of soy pudding.

Aah, those were the days. Now in this country, unless you are living in big cities where there is a large Chinese or South-east Asian community, Japanese included, fresh tofu pudding is difficult to get. So we got to make our own.

In this recipe, I use the coagulant GDL or Glucono-delta-lactone (GDL), also known as gluconalactone.

As the amount of GDL used is very little, it is essential that it is of the correct weight. I use a jewellery scale for this. I find this scale very useful in weighing  jelly or  agar-agar powder, and also carrageenan and konjac.

There is also a need to be accurate in the measurement of the soy milk. I suggest using a metric measuring jug ( it will have measurements in cups as well).

The bowl to mix the soy milk will need to be at least twice the volume. So if we are using 500 ml., you would need a bowl of 1000ml or 1 litre. This will prevent the liquid from splashing out

The methods are very easy and I am sure you will soon get the hang of it. Do give it a try and share your success in IG: @mynyonyarecipe.

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P.S. I will be showing how to enjoy soy pudding – both sweet and savoury. So keep a look out!

Link to: How to Make Soy milk

Soy Pudding Douhua ( Base)

An easy way of making soy pudding from home-made soy milk
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time0 minutes
stand time25 minutes
Total Time44 minutes
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Nyonya
Keyword: Douhua, GDL, keto dessert, soy beans, soy milk, soy pudding, Soy pudding with GDL, tauhu hua, tofu fah, vegan dessert
Servings: 6
Cost: £2.00


  • Steamer
  • Measuring spoons, etc
  • Bowls varies sizes
  • Scale
  • Ladle, etc


Ingredients for Soy Pudding

  • 500 ml Home made soy milk per portion
  • 1.25 g GDL per portion 500ml of soy milk
  • (Glucono-delta-lactone) GDL, also known as gluconalactone.


1. Pouring Method

  • Measure the GDL with a mini digital scale. Make sure you get the right amount. (Avoid using ¼ tsp as is not accurate)
  • In a large bowl (at least 1000 ml capacity), mix the GDL with 1 tbsp water and stir to dissolve.
  • Heat the soy milk to near boiling point. ( if you have not already done it)
  • Pour the soy milk from a height of about 30cm or, 1 foot, into the bowl with the GDL. As I poured it from less than 30cm, I am giving it a very quick stir instead.
  • Cover and set it aside for about 25 to 30 minutes.
  • The soy pudding is ready to serve.
  • You might want to remove the bubbles from the surface before serving or scooping it to a bowl to serve.
  • Top with the sugar syrup or with the savoury topping.

2. Pouring & Stirring Method

  • As before, dissolve 1.25g of GDL in 1 tbsp of water in a bowl.
  • Pour the hot soy milk and give it a quick stir ( 3 stirs).
  • Remove some of the bubbles if you can but I suggest you do it quick so as not to disturb the coagulation.
  • Set aside for 25 to 35 minutes.

2.0 Steaming Method

  • Here we use 500ml of cold soy milk
  • Dissolve 1.25g of GDL with 1 tbsp of water.
  • Gently pour in the soy milk and give it a gentle stir to avoid bubbles.
  • Cover the lid of the steamer with a piece of cloth to avoid steam dropping onto the pudding.
  • Steam this over medium heat for about 8 to 9 minutes.
  • You can also ladle this into smaller dishes or containers and steam.
  • Leave to cool a bit before serving.
  • Alternatively, wrap the bowl with cling film and steam.
  • For more explanation of the method and the experiment, please refer to the video.



Both methods are good. The pouring method is good if you work fast and try not to make too much bubbles. Texture wise it is ok and acceptable.
It is easy as you do no have to steam which involves additional steps and extra washing up.
The steaming method gives the best texture and very little bubbles. So, this is good presentation wise. But it involves more work. So, it is up to you which method you use.

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