Delicious and rich tasting Chicken Rendang
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Malaysian Chicken Rendang Dinner

Malaysian Chicken Rendang Dinner.

It’s here again!

Friday Night Take-away 29.04.2022.

This coming bank holiday weekend, we are having Chicken Rendang dinner. It is one of our family favourites. A bit of effort ( to those who are not into cooking, this is a lot of effort!) is required to make this. So why not piggy back on this meal and order some?

Chicken Rendang – the  amazing Malaysian-Indonesian chicken stew with spices and coconut milk.. and more coconut.

It is a flavourful dish, similar to Malaysian curry but with a thicker gravy, full of herbs and spices. Its taste can be said to be 10 level up. It is best eaten with rice and a vegetable to accompany it.

The cake is carrot cake with a citrusy icing, that goes well with the carrot and walnut base. It is a heavenly taste of sweet and savoury.

Here is the link to deliciousness: Chicken Rendang Dinner.

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Holidays means it is a time to relax. But at times it can be stressful. It is not because we are unhappy, but the preparation and the trip, or having friends and family around can be  hard work.  The holidays and company are enjoyable AND hard work if one has to meal-prep  for a large group.  So make some time for yourself and get your stress mode down to enjoy the break!!

One less thing to do is one less stress!


Fried cabbage mamak style
Fried cabbage specifically to accompany curries.
Delicious and rich tasting Chicken Rendang
Very sinful Malaysian Chicken Rendang
Plain steamed rice in a bowl
Plain cooked rice in a bowl.








The meal comes complete with starters, rice, chicken rendang, vegetables and a cake.

If you wish, you can warm it up in your microwave. Just relax and enjoy the food and company.

Plan and enjoy your bank holiday break!

Take care, and practice self love.

Penang Lassie.

P.S. Here is the link to deliciousness: Chicken Rendang Dinner.

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