Freshly fried spring rolls served with sweet chillie sauce.
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How To Make Easy Spring Rolls

These spring rolls are so easy to make.

My version is close to the fresh ones that we used to have when we were kids. The fresh version is still available in the streets and markets.

Jicama is the vegetable for fresh spring rolls or popiah as we call it. I remember when I was in the 6th form, our school had a fund raising day and our class wanted to make some food that everybody likes, and cheap and easy to make, too.

The popiah rolls were the most talked about item for the whole week.  Thanks to my suggestion and the recipe that I got out of my head, LMAO! There were praises from the teachers and we raised quite a lot of money.

Popiah is not Spring roll.

Popiah or ‘fresh spring rolls’ ( for lack of a better word) is not the same as the fried ones. The fried ones are also known as ‘popiah chnee’, meaning deep fried popiah. Although the main ingredients are the same, ie, jicama, some of the ingredients are different.

Fried popiah or popiah chnee is also now known as a ‘chun piah’.  ‘Chun piah’ in Chinese is correctly translated as ‘spring rolls’ .  Which means that fried popiah is spring roll. But it is not.

Ok, to make it more complicated, ‘chun piah or spring roll (as in my culture, the original version) has more ingredients and ranks a bit higher in status than the regular fried popiah. Hmmm, this is a bit confusing…

Don’t worry, just make and eat it.

A stack of fried Spring rolls with fresh prawns.
A plate of Spring Rolls being served. Nice golden colour.


I am using kholrabi to replace jicama or bangkuang. I added some Chinese leaves as the kholrabi was a bit small. You can add regular cabbage if you wish.

Here is the simple recipe

Can this be vegan?  Yes!

Just omit the prawns or meat, if you want to make it vegan or vegetarian.

For your convenience, here are the links for  easy access to  the ingredients and equipment.

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Corn flour:


Long chopsticks:


Do try out the recipe, is it is easy to make. It will take a bit longer if you are not used to the rolling , but you will get there by the time you did your 3rd one.

Let me know how it goes.

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Thank  you and enjoy your rolls.

Easy Spring Rolls

A simple to make spring roll recipe, using 6 main ingredients
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time25 minutes
Total Time40 minutes
Course: Appetizer, celebration, lunch, Side Dish, Snack, tea
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Nyonya, South-east Asian, Thai
Keyword: bangkuang, carrot, Chinese, Chinese New Year, cooking, cooking oil,, crunchy, Dairy free, deep fried, fried popiah., garlic, jicama, kohl rabi, Malaysian, party food, Penang, popiah, Prawns, recipe, sengkuang
Servings: 16 pieces
Cost: £4.00


  • Wok or deep frying pan
  • sieve
  • Tongs or chopsticks
  • Heat proof bowl for straining the rolls


  • 600 g Medium  Jicama or Senkuang/ Bankuang, or kohlrabi or, use a mixture of kohlrabi and some cabbage /Chinese leaves I used about 300g of kohlrabi and 300g Chinese leaves
  • 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 100 g Carrots
  • 100 g Prawns or chopped chicken or pork   Or dried prawns 50g
  • 1 tsp 1 tsp Chicken/ stock granules  
  • Sesame oil  
  • White pepper powder  
  • 1 tsp Salt, or to taste
  • 1 tbsp Cooking oil
  • 1 packet Spring roll wrapper, frozen, or fresh spring roll wrapper
  • Some cornflour mixed with some water to seal the rolls.  
  • 750ml Cooking oil fry deep frying 750 -1000ml


  • Peel and remove the hard skin from the jicama or kohlrabi.
  • Cut into shreds or use a grater to grate it.
  • Do the same for the carrot
  • Chop the garlic.
  • Cut the prawns to small pieces.
  • *If using dried prawns, rinse and soak the prawns for about 10 minutes,. Drain and chop  into small pieces.
  • In a frying add-in the oil. When hot, add in the garlic and stir until lightly brown.
  • Add in the vegetable, carrots, kohlrabi and the Chinese leaves, and toss it about.
  • Add in the seasoning, salt and pepper.
  • When the vegetable is limp and a bit dry, add in the prawns and cook until it changes colour.
  • Add in a swirl of sesame oil.
  • Dish it out and set aside to cool.

To Wrap

  • Remove the thawed wrappers. To prevent it from drying out, cover it with a damp cloth or kitchen towel.
  • Take a piece of the wrapper and place one with a corner facing you.
    Put about 2 tables spoons of the vegetable in the centre,
  • Roll up from the corner nearest to you.
    Fold the 2 sides to the centre and roll it up neatly.
  • Dap a bit of the corn starch solution in the edges before rolling the whole way.
    Set aside and repeat for the rest of the fillings.

To Fry

  • Heat some oil in a deep pan or wok to about 180C.
  • Gently add in the rolls and fry till golden brown, turning it so that it is evenly done.
  • When done, remove and drain.
  • Serve with chilli sauce or any sauce of your favourite sauces.
  • Note:
    *If you are using dried prawns or meat;
    Add in the dried prawns or meat after the garlic is golden. Stir until fragrant.
    Continue with the rest of the recipe.



An easy and tasty spring roll. An excellent food for parties or for Chinese New Year.

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