2 Purple Aubergine or egg plant
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Do You Use Aubergine and Celery In Your Cooking?

Aubergine and celery are 2 vegetables that I frequently use when I fancy something different and need to add variety to my cooking. Do you use these 2 vegetables? Aubergine was once considered an exotic vegetable but it is easily available in the supermarket now. Well, celery is one of the staple vegetables and  is mainly used in soups and stews.

I have written 2 articles and  it is my pages, which means that it is always in this site. This also means that it was not ‘broadcasted’ to you. So I am now putting it in this blog post so it reaches you.

A series about ingredients

I am planning to do a series of articles about food ingredients that I use in my cooking. I am not sure of you are familiar with the ingredients. I suppose if you are an ardent cook, you probably have used most of the ingredients. I think it is a wonderful idea if we can exchange notes on how we prepare them.

It is fascinating to watch local chefs use vegetables that are not common here. They use it in such innovative ways that we never would think of. We use the vegetables as we would use it in our home countries. So it tends to be boring.

Here is the link

To find out more, here is the link about Aubergine.

2 Purple Aubergine or egg plant
Common Aubergine that is available locally, usually with a deep purple colour.

And here is the link to the article about celery.

celery sticks
Celery sticks needs to be washed before being transformed into a dish.

I use these 2 vegetables in a dish that is Mediterranean. This is a dish that is not  Malaysian, and I am happily incorporating it in our meals.   Happy days. It takes quite a while to make it, but it is manageable if  one is organised. Vegan Lentil Moussaka. plant-based too.

I hope you enjoy the articles and do share how you cook them.

Please like and share the articles if you find them interesting and or informative.

Until the next post, happy cooking and stay safe.


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