Nyonya Curry Bowl with rice and cabbage.
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Friday Night Take Away: How Did It Go?

Last Friday, I did a Friday night take away. It featured my most popular meal, the Penang Hainanese Chicken Rice.

It is the most popular meal in Wefifo. Since the lock down, I haven’t been doing much. So when the lock down eases a bit, I am feeling a bit restless. My hands got to do something.  I am  toying with the idea of take aways, but I could not find delivery, and I am not prepared to deliver it myself as it is too risky and I do not think I can handle the whole process from purchasing, cooking to delivery.

The response to the take away is good. To be honest, there are some teething problems as expected. My daughter  helps me and communications could be better! Ahh, you know, when mother and daughter communicates……… But then, not all families are like mine.

Diners enjoying Penang Hainanese Chicken Rice
Diners enjoying Penang Hainanese Chicken Rice @wefifo event

I also realise that I need to change some of the processes as there was customer who waited quite a while. My sincere apology. It is a steep learning curve.

I figure that I will take this in stride and cook for  my family and the customers,  just more portions.

I would like to thank the lovely customers and those who have left reviews. Thank you very much.

Next take away: 19th June.

The next take away will feature Penang Nyonya Chicken Curry.  This is the curry we have when were were in Malaysia and now here. I try to keep it as authentic as possible.

The curry is not as thick as the Indian curries over here. It is good to note that there is not cream, butter, no dairy. We use Coconut milk for our curries and hence it is naturally sweet.


Nyonya Curry Bowl with rice and cabbage.

Nyonya Curry Bowl: basmati rice, chicken curry and cabbage. A great combination of flavours.

I am making the banana muffin without walnuts as some customers have nut allergy. The meal is  gluten free except for the poppadoms and the cake which contains flour, gluten.  If you have allergies do speak with me and I will try to accommodate. I will  update you should I have new information.

Click here, Friday night take away, 19th June 2020,  to find out more.

I hope to see you enjoying my food.


Penang Lassie


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