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Summer Break is coming!

I was just thinking about this. Summer is here and soon it will be term break. When my girls were in high school, I used to give end of term gifts to the teachers that make a difference to us. The SEND teacher was marvellous and did a fantastic job in supporting my daughter with ASD. It was very difficult for all the teachers and school concerned. But with their help, things got better. The social services lady was excellent in bringing all the services together and finally we had the support that we needed.

At times I used to pinch myself to check that it wasn’t a dream, a pleasant Dream. Or, is it because I did not have any preconception of the services that could be utilised? That is to say I have no or low expectations? I later found out that the support that we had as a family was astounding compared to some horror stories that I hear. So here is a big thank you again for all the support that we get, the police, included.

That brings me to the point of gifts to the teachers. No, it is not a bribe. It is a Thank You. Everyone loves to feel appreciated. So that is why it is so important to express our appreciation and gratitude. I used to gift chocolates and sweets and at times my home made cookies.

Yummy, light and crunchy chocolate chip cookies, or biscuits as you would call them here.

So in order to show your appreciation to your ( or your children’s) teachers, I have this code that you can use. You will save 20% off your purchase price.

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Take care and hope for sunny weather!

Penang Lassie

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