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Supper Club: Penang Hainanese Chicken Rice on 29th June 2019

After a long break of almost a year, I decide that I am ready to host another supper club. I hurt my wrist last Valentine’s day, of all days. It took  a long time to get better. Note that I did not say ‘heal’ as at up to now there is still some discomfort when I use my wrist in certain ways.

So I put up the notice on wefifo.com which is the hosting site. This time, I can have  6 seats.  This is because the carpet in the house is replaced with wooden floor, and the fire place removed. The kitchen is refitted as well. Now there is more space.ChicRiceDinner1

The good news is that, as of writing, the seats are all taken up. So I have 6 guests coming over for dinner in a few weeks. 6 opportunities  to make new friends.

I will host a plant-based dinner after this. So keep a look out for the announcement.

Cheers and looking forward to meet new friends.

Penang Lassie

p.s. Please share and like this post so that more people will be able to connect with each other over food. It is good for the community and well being as well.

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