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What Happened to Feast Hinckley 2019? Its also my fund-raising!

Hinckley Feast here I come!

It is just around the corner, this weekend to be exact. The weather forecast has been really unpredictable. Will it rain? Is there going to be a down pour, or windy?

This year will be my first year participating in this big summer fare. I was a bit excited as a first timer. I have baked the cookies, all plant-based chocolate chip and cranberry. The peanut cookies are all done and packed.

My other half had been commenting about the weather for several days. I just do whatever I can, ie, no use worrying too much and wait for the decision.

So this morning we got the news that Saturday of the Feast will be cancelled because of the wind. As of now, Sunday is on. So it looks like it will be on Sunday, 1 day only.

I have plans for the Feast. Not only will I showcase my bakes and cakes, I intend to raise fund for out Time Out for Carers group. Our group was recently recognised as one of the voluntary groups that make a difference to the community.

A pamphlet with the names of the nominees for the awards.
The pamphlet on the day. We are so proud of our ‘little acheivement’. Our little achievement means a lot to others. So honoured and humbling at the same time. It takes a team of us doing what we do and not trying to be someone one else. Warts and all.

We were only constituted late last year and was pleasantly surprised to be nominated. To me the carers group is initially a loose group, ie, people just know each other. Overtime we get to know each other better. The most important thing for me and I believe all of us carers is that we realised we are not alone in feeling inadequate, hopeless, do not know how to cope, I am the worst person in the world, nobody would understand me (that is very true), wanting to run away but don’t know where to go, how to get help, who to talk to, how to de-stress, etc, etc,

Making A Difference Palque
We are recognised as making a difference to the community.

So now we know we are facing similar issues. I do not know how some of the carers cope, caring for more than one person. Our committee is different in the sense that we have 2 person sharing the resposibility of each committee seat. That way, we can function as we are needed at anytime, like when a doctor is on call or an air steward/ess is on call.

Our group handles light events and things, nothing that requires a lot of work as we are often unpredictable in our time. That is the beauty of our group.

Of course the the Local Area Co-ordinator, Kerry has been instrumental in the initial stage of the group, gathering carers together. The local community house has been ace in having us use the house for some of our activities. Of course, the house runs activities for the local people and of course our carers attend as well.

We have been lucky that we have access to some funding previously. We have also held 2 fashion shows, one last year and one this year to raise funds. We had art therapy, too. And some time out to relax. Thanks to all who have supported us, too many to mention.

So coming back to the Feast Hinckley! I will be fund-raising for the Time Our for Carers Group by donating 2% of the proceed to the fund. This is not a lot at the moment. But hopefully, it will bet better in future. This means that carers will get more support in the future and we hope to expand our reach to other carers who are not support at the moment. The support that I had from the group can be term as ‘live-changing’. The well-being of the carer impacts other members of the family. A cool and calm carer will go along way to improved family relationship.

Please support the cause and visit Nyonya Recipe on Sunday. Your purchase will go a long way.

p.s. New products

As Nyonya food incorporates other culture, I am now incorporating the English element in my food. Now I have Sio Bao Pasty, which is Sio Bao filling encase in rough puff pastry. It actually tastes better! Another pasty is the Chigan Leek and Potato Pasty which is my take on the Chicken Leek and Potato pasty/pie. I use Quorn pieces to replace the chicken, hence, CHIGAN =chicken and vegan.

Asian Anglo-Pasties, a fusion food
The Sio Bao Pasty with rough puff pastry

The plant-based pasty.
Pasty making its maiden appearance in Notjustaconershop

Do drop by the big red gazebo on Sunday, and pray for nice weather!! If you want to pre-order, go to my face book and message me by Friday, tomorrow

Here is the link :Penang Lassie

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