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Where To Find Good Food Outside Leicester City

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There is a nice restaurant near me. I have been there several times before, and it never fails to please me.

My recent trip there was great. Poachers Brasserie in Thurlaston is run by a couple from Poland. The food is modern, using different, unusual and seasonal ingredients. The presentation is always pleasing to the eye.

This was what happened when we were there on the last 2 occasions.

My other half and I go for lunch one Sunday. The spring menu is out.

For starters we have dried beef with mozzarella, bresoala and buratta.

Cured beef with poached eggs starter.
Dried beef with mozzarella, bresoala and buratta.

The dish is super and the flavours are nice, according to my other half. The olive oil stands out as it is of good quality.

I have the pigeon breast with sweet and sour rhubarb, broad bean puree, 12 year old balsamic vinegar and jus.

Pieces of pigeon breast basted in balsamic, bean puree, rhubarb.
The pigeon breast served with broad bean puree, balsamic and rhubarb.

The pigeon breast is basted  with the balsamic. The meat is gamey, and it goes well with the acidic rhubarb and the sweet broad bean puree. It is an innovative dish, well presented. The flavours come together very well. It s yummy and compliments to the chef.

For the mains he has giant ravioli with chopped broccoli. The taste combination is superb, according to him.

(see the top of the photo below)

I have the Sea Bass in 2 ways. There is a fillet of the fish, crispy fried. This is how I like my fish. Where I come from, we fry our fish till crispy, without batter, and serve it with garnishes. The fillet here is placed on top of garlic mayo.

Hake fish served in 2 ways
Closeup of the fish, one fried till crispy, and the other is a patty.

The other way is a fried fish cake or patty. It is crispy and served with apple veloute sauce

Fish served in 2 ways.
Nice presentation of the fish. Tastes great, too.

The slightly tart and sweet apple veloute goes well with the rich patty.

I normally try not to order dessert. But what the heck!  Since I am here I might as well try something new. Yes, the dessert menu certainly has new items and I order the souffle on top of the usual cappuccino. My other half has his usual brandy and coffee.

Well the passion fruit and mango souffle arrives- all puffed up. I sink the spoon in and scoop up and taste it.

Passion fruit and mango suffle, a sight to behold!
A nice fluffy souffle with coconut ice cream on the side,

It is the lightest souffle that I have tasted. The combined passion fruit and Mango flavours work well. Ah! tropical paradise…  Soon I finish the whole lot. Yum!!

Scooping into the suffle,
The lightest souffle, yet dense enough to scoop up nicely.

The whole meal is quite reasonable around £70.

The next round, my family of 4 go there for dinner. It is a Wednesday and it is Italian night. There is an Italian menu, and of course the regular menu as well.

For starters we have:

Poachers dried beef which is excellent.


Dried beef with mozzarella starter
Dried beef with mozzarella cheese.

The soup is cauliflower soup, which is very flavoursome.

Cauliflower soup served with a sliced of bread.
Simple looking cauliflower soup served with a piece of toast. It looks simple and tastes good. No fuss.

Fried squid is my daughter’s favourite, as she almost always orders this if it is in the menu. The squid is crunchy and fresh, and comes with a garlic dip.

For mains we have carbonara, 3 of them order it! The verdict is that the carbonara is really nice. It is simple as what it should be and very tasty. This is the way carbonara should be prepared, unlike some of the recipes we have here that includes cream, and tons of other ingredients.

Pasta cabonara
Pasta carbonara made the proper way. No fuss, just good taste.

I have the hake with olives.

Hake with olives
Hake fish served with olives in concasse sauce

It is a piece of hake topped with a tomato and olives sauce. It is a simple and delicious dish. The fish is fresh. It is served with fresh boiled vegetables.

For dessert we have: French cheese platter, poachers cheese platter, lemon meringue pie and lavender panna cotta .

The cheese platter is good. It has cheese from the surrounding areas. The French cheese platter has French cheese, of course.


Cheese platter with various types of French cheese
French cheese platter with assorted cheese.
Poacher Cheese Platter with locally sourced cheese
Several types of local cheese in a plate.

The lemon meringue pie comes in as a little pie, rather than a slice of a big pie. It is delicious.

Lemon meringue pie is tartlet with strawberries
The pie is a tartlet, with lemon cheese filling. Topped with fresh strawberries.

My lavender panna cotta arrives nicely decorated. When I taste it, it reminds me of my garden!!. This is because I have a lavender bush!.

A slice of lavender panna cotta served with fresh and freeze dried strawberries .
A slice of lavender panna cotta served with fresh and freeze dried strawberries 

It has crunchy bits of freeze dried fruits and pieces of chocolate with caramel sauce. It tastes lovely with the different texture and contrasting taste.


Poachers Brassarie is a restaurant with great food and service. The menu changes often reflecting the seasons. The cooking is modern and presentation is excellent.

I will come back again.

Highly recommended.

Food ☆☆☆☆☆

Ambiance ☆☆☆☆☆

Price £££

Interior of Poachers Brasserie
The interior of Poachers Brasserie. -Warm and modern.

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