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Share My Food! My 1st Supper Club Dinner


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Share my food!

I recently hosted my first supper club dinner.

I have been toying with the idea for a long time, but did not have the opportunity to do so. It was either I was too busy or I could not find a workable model. So this time, I went through WeFiFo, which is a booking and marketing site (that’s how I view it). It was professional and easy to use.

My take is that the food is my home cooked food. So I do not pretend that I cook restaurant meals. I am also serving it like I would at home, Malaysian style.

My first dinner was sold out. We had 4 lovely people and incidentally, one was a Malaysian, and the other was a Singaporean. The ladies even came with a bouquet of flowers each!! We had a lovely time chatting and getting to know each other. I noticed that they ate a fair share (a lot) which shows that they enjoyed the food.


This is the menu.


This is a typical meal that I serve to my family. It is healthy and tasty.

Nibbles and Welcome Drinks

Stewed Chicken with Shiitake Mushrooms and Red Dates

Seasonal Vegetables in Oyster Sauce (broccoli)

Stir Fried Beans Sprouts with Prawns

Indonesian Tahu Telur


Fresh fruits


Since one of the guests does not like tofu, I decided to make french bean omelette for her. (We do get to know a bit about our guests before the event.)

The weather that week was hot! So I decide to add another desert, Almond Junket with rambutans. I was glad I did, as it went down well and it was ‘refreshing’, as one of the guests commented.

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Extra desert Almond Junket. What a delight on a warm evening!

So on the whole, it was a good night and thanks to Wefifo. I get to do what I love; my hobby-cooking, and to be able to share my food (social).

For recipes, please click on the individual dishes in the menu. I have not posted the recipe for the Almond Junket yet. I will do it later.

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1st Wefifo dinner.

I hope you like my post and my new venture. Please like and share this post with your friends and family and if you have people in UK who likes to try other foods, please do send them my link.

If you wish to find out more about Wefifo, Her is the link; https://www.wefifo.com. To search for my events, search under Leicestershire, UK.

My next dinner on 15th July is Penang Hainanese Chicken Rice Dinner. It is sold out.

On 29th July there will be A Very Veggie Chinese Meal. It is vegetarian, as you can see.

I will host more dinners after the summer holidays.

Have a great day.

Penang Lassie

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