A pile of mangosteen
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How Open And Eat A Mangosteen

Mangosteen is not an easy fruit to open and eat. If  your are not in a country where mangosteens are available, I am sure you would be wondering how to  open the tough skinned fruit to get to the delicious, sweet, sourish and slimy fruit that I do not know how to accurately describe the taste.

Here is how I did it when I was a child. I am sure our children and grand children are still doing the same thing. I know this method might come across as gross and a bit uncouth, that was what we did as kids.

Of course, when we got older, and the hands and wrists are stronger, we would crush it with our hands. That, to us kids, means we have grown up!

What we do is we take a fruit and hold it in between our palms. First, we need to entwine our fingers together, with the palm crossed. We do it as we hold the fruit. Then press. Normally, we are not able to open the fruit.

Then, place the hands with the fruit still in there and place it in between  your knees. Press your knees towards each other until the fruit gives way. There you have your mangosteen fruit opened!


For more tips, watch the video.

Mangosteen is known as the queen of fruits and durian is the king of fruits.

Here is my recipe for success!

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How to open and eat mangosteen

The 'proper' way of opening and eating mangosteen.
Prep Time2 minutes
Cook Time2 minutes
Total Time4 minutes
Course: Dessert, Salad, Snack
Cuisine: Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, South American, South-east Asian, Thai
Keyword: Butternut squash, fruits, mangosteeen benefits, mangosteen, open, queen of fruits, South-east Asian
Servings: 5
Cost: £6.00


  • Bare hands
  • Legs


  • 5 ripe mangosteen usually purple in colour


  • Take a piece of mangosteen and place it in between your cusped hands.
  • Squeeze and crush the fruit with the base of your palm (near to the wrist) until it breaks or there is a fissure.
  • Carefully remove the tough skin and eat the white fruits.
  • Gently spit out the seed if there are any.
  • enjoy!



This is the traditional way we eat mangosteen.

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