Yee Sang Year of the Ox
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Chinese New Year Of the OX

Yes the New Year is round the corner. It is the year of the OX. I hope you have been keeping well and positive with the latest development on the Covid-19 front.

This year has been busy so far as I have embarked on making You Tube videos. In fact I have made many videos and this time I have made some videos on Chinese new Year food. Do have a look.

For the past few years, I have been making Yee Sang or Chinese New Year Salad (mine is vegetarian, no raw fish involved). This year I decide to make a video on it. In fact I made several videos. A video on making the pickles , another for the sauce, and a video of putting them together. It was tiring, especially the last one as I was trying to add more of the crunchy bits. Anyway, I had it done, hurrah!!


If you would like to have a look, here are the videos:

Making Yee Sang videos:

Making the pickles

Making the sauce

Putting the Yee Sang together

Here is the favourite soup for CNY: Kiam Chye Ark.

Kiam Chye Ark
Our family’s favourite soup for Chinese New Year Nyonya Kiam Chye Ark.

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Vegan and Vegetarian

I have also made some vegetarian and vegan videos. ( the food, not the videos, LOL!) Some of the food I made it myself and some them are food reviews. I hope you like those.

In the videos I try to make it easy to understand what the ingredients are in Chinese and Nyonya cooking.

This year of the Ox, represents the traits of strength, reliability, fairness and conscientiousness. Other virtues include thoughtfulness, clam , patient, and methodical. The Ox can also be opinionated, strong willed and potentially stubborn.

2021 represents the year of the Metal Ox, its elements is earth, representing ‘stability and nourishment’. I would like to think that the current situation that we are in will lead to some calm and stability and that all of us will haveย  opportunity of nourishment, in terms of our health, finance, and happiness.

Let us pray that this pandemic is end soon and we get back to sort of a normal.

Wishing you the best of the year of the Ox. Don’t forget to like and share the blog and videos if you find this of value.

Until then, take care of yourself and keep safe.


Penang Lassie

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