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Oodles of Noodles – How to Find Good and Cheap Food in Penang Part 3

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Here, I am continuing my trip to Penang and savouring the glorious food.

In Part 2, we went to Yeow Kee Restaurant before my sister departed to KL. We then went back home to my brother’s and have a rest and catch up. And as usual we have more food for tea. My brother decided to get some fritters. We normally have this type of Malay/Mamak type of fritters for tea. It is made of flour with bean sprouts, chives and some shrimps. It is then deep-fried as patties. There are also some other variations. One of the varieties has fresh coconut. The fritters are normally sold together with fried semi hard or hard tofu. The sauce is usually sweet, and with chilies and peanuts. The best fritters, or cucuk, are the ons made by my old classmate. It seems that he has stopped making them and he is too busy with several restaurants.

This batch is from another vendor near by. It was good anyway. Btw, you can get this in most food courts or where hawkers congregate.

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Fritters, or cucuk. Vegetables or comes in vegetables with shrimps. Or, another type comes with some coconut.

Later in the evening, we went to a restaurant name ‘Tua Pan Ong’. If you can recall from the previous posts, tua pan is a flat rice noodles served in an eggy sauce and it is my perennial favourite. So this shop is call tua pan king. Or, King of eggy noodles!!

So you guess it right, the house specialty is king of noodles, or, tua pan ong. It comes in a nicely fried soft rice noodles with a bit of charring ( just as it should be). The sauce has prawns, squids, cuttle fish, fish cake, and vegetables. It also has fresh fish slices ( all cooked) and frog legs too!! In the middle of the dish is an egg. The raw egg will be cooked once we stir the dish. The noodles were tasty and a bit different in the sense that it has so many ingredients added to it. I like this served with pickled green chillies which is the traditional way of serving.

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The House specialty, fried wide-stripe fresh rice noodles in an eggy sauce. Fill with all types of ingredients.

The 2nd noodle dish we ordered was fried ‘tang hoon’, or mung been noodles. Mung bean noodles is also known as glass noodles as it is transparent compared to the rice or wheat noodles. The noodles are a bit springy and a bit tougher than rice or wheat variety.  It is fried with garlic, onions, fish cake and beans sprouts. There is also egg thrown in. It looks glistening and tempting. The noodles were tasty and the aroma was fragrant.  It’s a bit like the dry-fried Singapore noodles without the spiciness and heat.

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Fried tang hoon. Very fragrant and tasty. Best eaten with sambal belacan.

Next we had the ‘tau chneow’ mee, or yellow noodles fried with preserved soybeans. This is a new style which I haven’t tasted before. Since I have away for almost 10 years, things have changed. So new food!.. here I come. The plate arrived and it looked a bit reddish/ pinkish. The sauce was thick.

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Preserved soy bean noodles. Something new to me.

In fact it looked like ‘mee rebus’ to me. (Mee rebus is a Malay noodle dish with a tangy sauce.) However, upon tasting, the preserved soy beans taste was there. There is tomato ketchup in the sauce. There are finely cubed green peppers and

carrots. The chicken meat is finely cubed as well. The noodles are fried with bean sprouts and the sauce poured over it. It tasted different and to be fair it was tasty.

The noodles were served with sambals and freshly cut chili padi ( small, very hot birds eye chilis).

Finally, we ordered a vegetable dish. Loh Hon Chai is a common vegetable dish. It can be found in most Chinese restaurants, ranging from high-end restaurants to the coffee-shop type of restaurants. This loh hon chai is unlike the one that I normally associate with. It is a vegetarian dish. It usually consists of variety of vegetables cooked with some soy

#vegan, vegetarian, Chinese, Penang, Malaysian
Loh hon chai – a vegetarian dish nevertheless.

based ‘meat’, and some other ingredients like lily buds, mung bean noodles and mushrooms. I think loh hon chai means ‘ an abbot/ buddha’s vegetable’. So a combination of any vegetables will do. (Note: most Chinese vegetarians are vegans.). This plate has mung bean noodles, Chinese mustard leaves, cauliflower and carrots. It is different and the taste is just so-so.

So there you go. Noodles for dinner.

The verdict:

It is good except for the loh hon chai that is average.

This time  the dinner for 3 adults and 2 teenagers , including drinks cost a princely sum of……………RM47.90!!

So this is good and cheap food. BCG. BIG. CHEAP. GOOD. Again this is a factory-like restaurant. With loads of people. However on the evening we visited, it wasn’t that packed as it was still the CNY holidays.

Tua Pan Ong seafood Restoran

No 927 Taman Emas Indah,

Bagan Ajam, 13000 Butterworth

Just google it to get further details.

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