The Unicorn Cake in its glory.
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Happy Birthday Colonel Tom!

I made a special birthday cake for Captain Tom.  Now he is Colonel Tom, thanks to the Queen for conferring the honourary title.  The nation wishes him a very special 100th Birthday, and may he live a long, healthy and happy life.

I have been toying about making this agar cake for quite a few days now.  Since it is around my birthday, I thought I shall bake a cake to celebrate Captain Tom’s effort and birthday and also to celebrate mine.  I cannot  buy a cake from the shop or supermarket since we are having this covid lock-down.

This is the first time I am making it, so am hoping  that it will turn out OK.  I do not have a proper mould for the unicorn head, I just use an empty biscuit tin!  I have bought most of the flower moulds when there was an online sale a few months ago.  So now is the time to test them.

The long journey

I start at 13.48  and finish at 22.36! Take away a few hours for lunch and break and I think I spend at least a good 8-9 hours on the project.  That is  excluding washing up.  It is worth it even though I mess up the agar solution.  The solution burnt, hence the colour is a bit brown. I thought I just do not want to throw away the good stuff! So salvaging… here I go!

I  make the base solution first, but it got burnt at the bottom, so I do not have any embarrassing photos to show!

Then, I make the solution for the flowers.  It is a lot of work and this time I make the fire real low while simmering.  I am not sure what causes the burning.  I believe its my pot.  Mine is the Amway set of pots which I brought from Malaysia and I have been  using it for decades.  Hmm, I need to experiment further.

After much consideration, I decide not to throw away the base solution and manage to salvage it with a little imagination.

Finally, after many hours, the cake and the flowers are ready to assemble.

A collection of flowers in blue hues.
Blue flowers and leaves to decorate the unicorn cake.


Flowers in various orange hue and unicorn horn, ears and eyes.
Big orange flowers and unicorn horn, ears and eyec to make the unicorn cake.  


5 red hearts surrounding a well done and congratulations sign.
6 red hearts for the brave Colonel Tom.


The Unicorn Cake in its glory.
The final cake with lots of flowers. Fit for the occasion.

So why do I make a unicorn cake? 

A unicorn is defined as ‘something that is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain’.  Raising £30 million for NHS Charity is difficult to find or obtain. This is befitting of the man.

This cake is healthy  and low in calorie ( lower compared to a baked cake with icing), with no-fat. It only contains agar power and sugar. I have made the cake less sweet, compared to the normal ones.

Here is wishing Colonel Tom and myself a very happy birthday! It has been a long day, and I need a rest!

I hope you enjoy the post and the photos.  I am not sharing the recipe or instructions as it is still in an experimental stage.

Please like and share this post.  This will make my day.

Until the next post, see you soon.


Penang Lassie.

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