Nyonya Recipe giving free samples of Malaysian snacks.
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What Happened to May?

Yep! What happened? I have not been posting at all in the month of May. I broke my promise. So this is a round-up for the month of May.

The first event I had was the Burbage Farmers Market.

Oh, before that I was in the Rugby Vegan Fest on 28th April. Even though it was in April, it is worth a mention. It was a nearby event for me. The event was a new one for the organiser as well.

It was surprisingly good in the sense that it was not that big compared to the one in Birmingham. However, people spent more time in there. There was a live band, talks, and even a Rock Choir.

Rugby vegan fest stall set up, with neigbours.
Me at the Rugby Vegan Fest. Setting up for the event.

Then comes the the Burbage Farmers Market on the first Saturday of the month. It is a regular for me now. I have my regular stand at the regular space and I know more of the stall holders now. I have repeat customers, too. It looks like it is something that I should be doing regularly.

Stall at in Burbage Farmers Market.
Burbage Farmers market on the 1st Saturday of the month.

Then the Leicester Veggie Street Food and Craft Fair on 19th May. This is the first time I am on this event. It was run by the lovely and friendly people of the Leicester Vegetarian and Vegan Society. It was a first for me in many aspects. Firstly, I was not familiar with Leicester city centre itself. Whenever I go to Leicester, it is usually for shopping. I park at the High Cross John Lewis car park, shop and have lunch there. I sometimes walk around to TK Max, Primark, M&S, etc. The most is that I walk around and go to the market, and the surrounding streets. I don’t even know how the streets connect. Oh well, I didn’t need to know, do I? Not until now. LOL!

Since attending the Vegan meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month, I am beginning to know more about getting around in the city centre. And this is with a lot of help from my friend, Ms Google. My daughter gets infuriated with my lack of directions and knowledge of the streets. She has been to the city with her friends more than I have.

Nyonya Recipe giving free samples of Malaysian snacks.
Nyonya Recipe food on display and tasting at the Leicester Vegetarian & Vegan Society Meeting.
how to make chapati, Leicester Vegan Society
Leicester Vegetarian & Vegan Society meeting. Ladies from the Pantry giving a cooking demo – coconut curry, with Armit having a go at making chapati.

The best bit was the Vegan & Craft Fair at the Guildhall. Here I got to drive into the city, and have to go through the bollards and drive through the pedestrian area. This was new to me, and I felt so cool to drive through the bollards. I met with friendly fellow stall holders, each with a unique story behind their business. They also informed where to park my car for free instead of my default parking, which is John Lewis Car park.

Nyonya Recipe stall filled with bakes in the Leicester Veggie Street Food & Craft Fair
Nyonya Recipe at the Leicester Veggie Street Food & Craft Fair

The venue was cosy and steeped in history. It was a packed day, with traders, selling hot food, cakes and bakes like me, natural vegan body products, cosmetics, crafts, and lots more. There were cooking demos, talks and even a raffle. The event was well planned and everything went smoothly ( even if there were a few hiccups, I did not notice). People are friendly and it is thriving community. I even met up with some friends.

Nyonya Recipe stall filled with bakes in the Leicester Veggie Street Food & Craft Fair
Nyonya Recipe at the Leicester Veggie Street Food & Craft Fair

After taking down my stall and packing up, I went to take my car for loading. I tried to go through the bollards again but was not able to do so and I was informed that to use another route. Well, I learn new things every day!! I went and load up in another loading area nearby. Armit, the main contact person, and the lovely bunch from the society helped me. A great Thank You to you guys!

I am so happy and grateful for all the new things I learn everyday, and the kind and helpful people that I meet. The Vegan Society is such a friendly bunch. It keeps my brain working and keeps me young. Just like my Buddhist Group.

One of the highlights of the month was our SGI-UK Future Division meeting on Saturday the 18th. It was the first event organised by the Leicestershire Chapter and we have young people, from toddlers to high school students, and the parents and carers, too.

There were helpers from the Young Women, Young Men, Men and Women Division members, all chipping in to help. The kids (regular and over-grown ones) had a great time. The room was full of energy and there were a lot of activities like tossing the parachute ( or some things on the parachute), face painting, drawing and banner making, origami, cake decorating, egg and spoon race, 3 legged race and more… and pizza making . Guess who was in charged of pizza making? Who else but me.

A savoury pizza being cut by the kid who made it.
Yummy pizza fresh from the oven. Cutting it with a pizza cutter like a pro Well done, kiddo!

Since it was me, I will brag about it a bit. The kids had a great time rolling out the pizzas. They did it in pairs of 2’s. One of them can actually toss the pizza. Of course, not as expertly as the chefs in the pizza joint. The kids loved the pizza and all the guests love it, too. I even managed to do dessert pizza and the people loved it.

Sweet pizza, made from caramelised banana and hazel nut chocolate
Caramelised banana and hazel nut chocolate, anyone? A dessert pizza for the sweet tooth for a change from the savoury ones. Yum, Yum.

It is so appropriate that study material for the month of May was ‘the power of one’. The organisation of the event clearly shows that we are putting the principle into practice. All of us contributed to the event in our own unique way. We were true to ourselves, contributing to doing what we know best in our respective areas. We all come together, doing our own thing, and the events just got on smoothly. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and we get to meet new people and form new connections. That is the most important part.

The 4th Sunday of the month is the Market Bosworth Farmers Market. I have not been here for the past 2 months as had pre-booked some events before this. It was nice to note that there are customers who remember me. I intend to do this market on a regular basis as it is near to where I live. So is the Burbage Farmers Market. I also got invited to another event nearby!

We also had a most wonderful Women and Young Women Division meeting in Kibworth on Tuesday 28th May. We all brought food to share and have such wonderful a meeting sharing our views and supporting each other.

It was a great ending for the month. Thanks to everyone who cross my path for I have been blessed with lovely people who are so kind to me.

Until the next post, wishing you happiness and joy.

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