Melon yogurt Ice cream topped with strawberries, pineapple jam and chocolate shot sauce.
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I Scream, “Eek”! You Scream, “Eek”! We All Scream For Ice Cream!!


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For more than  fortnight, the weather has been hot, hot, hot. The temperature reached 29C or more in some places.

So we need to cool down. I have taken to making my own ice-cream using yogurt. I got this from my Weight-Watchers’ group. The group uses banana for this. You know, I find banana the least interesting of all tropical fruits. However it is one of the cheapest tropical fruits and is easily available. I can say that not because I am haughty,  but I come from the tropics.

Yogurt and Fruit Ice-Cream

This ice-cream is very easy to make. All you need are:

Zero fat yogurt

Fruit of your choice – I have used mango and melon.

As I buy a lot of fruits, I do have excess. I will cut the fruits and freeze them.

  1. To make the ice-cream, remove the frozen fruits from the freezer and let it stand for about 10 to 20 minutes to soften a bit.
  2. Tip the fruits into a chopper or blender ( a stick blender works fine). 
  3. Add in some yogurt. You can add more yogurt if you fancy . It is all up to your liking
  4. You can also add in some stevia sweetener or any sweetener of your choice.
  5. Blitz  until the fruits are chopped up and blended.
  6. Dish out on a serving dish and garnish with fruits of your choice.

You can add in some chocolate sauce or choc shot for some extra points. I also use some of my homemade pineapple jam for an extra one point.

Then sit back back and enjoy. And chill out.

Here are some photos of the ice-cream.

Frozen melon blended with yogurt.
Frozen melon with yogurt.
Frozen melon and yogurt all mixed up.
The melon and yogurt mixture is then poured into a container, sealed and put in the freezer to firm up. It can be eaten at this stage if it is not too soft. Or, if you like your ice-cream soft.
Melon and yogurt ready to serve.
The melon mixture in the container.
Melon Ice cream for a hot summer day.
Digging in the melon ice-cream.
Melon yogurt Ice cream topped with strawberries, pineapple jam and chocolate shot sauce.
Hmm.., the melon ice-cream served with fresh strawberries,. my home-made pineapple jam and drizzle with a teaspoon of choc shot. Yummy.

Here is the mango version.

Frozen mango and yogurt in the mini chopper.
Frozen mango and yogurt in the mini chopper.
Mango ice cream served with strawberry and mango.
Mango yogurt ice cream served with mango and strawberry. Cool and delicious.



You can freeze them if you cannot finish eating all of it in one go. Just remember to take it out for a while to let it soften before serving.

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