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What Is Hinckley Sunday Munch?

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I was in this event on 8th April.  I pass by the advertisement every time I go to the gym. There are a few notices that highlight events happening in spring onwards. I was further reminded on Facebook as some of my friends indicated their interest in this event. So off I went, after sending my girls to town to meet their friends. 

This is what I got from the HBCC website: 

Sunday Munch

Sunday Munch logo featuring a spoon and fork

Our traditional Farmers’ Market will be replaced with a new monthly market named Sunday Munch. Hinckley’s new Sunday market starts in the Market Place on Sunday 8 April 2018.

We are trialling a new format, all about local. We are offering a range of stalls – food and drink, art and handmade crafts, collectables and community stalls.

Make it a regular date in your diary, every second Sunday of the month (except for August when we have the Feast Hinckley food festival).

Last updated: ‎07‎/‎03‎/‎2018‎ ‎15‎:‎44‎”


The day that I visited was  sunny with rain forecasted. After dropping the girls off at the town centre, I decided to have a free time for myself doing window shopping and had a good meal in the restaurant. Then I went to the Sunday Munch.

I was rather disappointed. There were not many stalls. There were the usual meat, eggs and cheese stalls. The stalls only fill up Market Place area. Unlike the normal Thursday market, where there were a lot of stalls selling all sorts of food and merchandise. 

I suppose it will be merrier when the weather improves. So I am looking forward to the one in May and the following months onward. In August, it will be known as  the Hinckley Feast, and will be on 11th  and 12th.

Here are some photos:

Hinckley Munch Festival, food, local business,
The stalls at Market Place. These are the usual ones. This one is a bakery.

Hinckley Munch Festival, food, local business,
Marshmallows, anyone? Lots of flavours to choose from.
Hinckley Munch Festival, food, local business,
A home baker with many varieties of cakes and bakes. Pip’s Pantry.

Hinckley Munch Festival, food, local business,
Organic farm food. Various types of meat farmed organically.
Hinckley Munch Festival, food, local business,
Hinckley’s much celebrated Barista.

I am looking forward to May’s event. I hope the weather is nice!

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