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How is Jamie’s Italian?

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We were in London recently. We were there to attend an uni  interview. We went there early, just in case there are hitches.

We had a walk along Thames riverbank . Having done the leisurely walk, we decided to have lunch. As we have not been to a Jamie restaurant before, we decided to give it a try.

We were ushered to the main dining area and shown our seats. The wait staff was attentive and knowledgeable. I took this opportunity to practice my photo taking. I got some nice shots.

We then ordered our food. It wasn’t long before our food came. For starters my daughter ordered the Crispy Squid (£7.25), which she usually orders if she sees it in the menu. I ordered the vegetable version, which is Mushroom Fritti (£5.95). I was trying to eat more vegetable

The crispy squid was tasty and crunchy and came with garlic & lemon aioli. The squid was nicely cooked, tender and fresh and the aioli gave it a kick.

Jamie Oliver, Italian, London, Kingston, Lunch, Uni interview, squid, fritters,
Crispy fried squid, nicely done, not over-cooked. Served with aioli, parsley and some chillis. Just like the Chinese do.

The same goes for the mushroom. It was oyster mushroom, dipped in the spiced flour ( as the squid) and served with the aioli. It was even crunchier that the squid as the mushroom was cut/ fried in such a way that there are zagged edges and that made it crispy.

Jamie Oliver, Italian, London, Kingston, Lunch, Uni interview, mushroom, fritters,
Crispy fried oyster mushroom with lots of zags for the coating to make it cripsy. Yummy.

For mains, my daughter ordered the Prawn Linquine (£14.95) and I had the Roast Aubergine (£9.95), again sticking to my vegetarian option. The linguine was tasty and the prawns were fresh. There were garnishes of rocket leaves and chilli.

Jamie Oliver, Italian, London, Kingston, Lunch, Uni interview, Prawn, pasta,
A pile of linguine with lots of prawns topped with rocket leaves and shaved Parmesan cheese.

The roast aubergine was tasty and it came with lashings of yogurt/ sour cream. I was delicious with a middle-eastern spice taste. The aubergine was soft. On the whole it was good, but a bit dry and cloy. Lucky thing, we always ask for tap water whenever we dine ( a cheap trick for frugals like me).

Jamie Oliver, Italian, London, Kingston, Lunch, Uni interview, aubergine, middle-east food,
Roast aubergine with middle-eastern herbs and spices. The aubergine is soft, and filled with beans in a tomato sauce, sprinkled with pine nuts and, of course, Parmesan cheese.

Of course we ordered drinks as well, just in case you think that we are so tight!  We ordered Refresher (£3.70), a non-alcoholic mocktail, which has elderflower, lemon, cranberry & lemonade. The other drink is a Strawberry Lemonade (£3.70). The drinks were refreshing. You can guess who ordered the mocktail. It’s the young one trying to be hip. Aahhh, I was like that once.

Jamie Oliver, Italian, London, Kingston, Lunch, Uni interview, Refreshing drink, strawberry,
Strawberry Lemonade – is refreshing!

Sorry, we did not managed to take a photo of the mocktail!

The total bill came to £45.50. On the whole it was a nice experience and  food is good. However, I did not add in any gratuities as I find it difficult to give the right amount. To be fair,  it was stated in the bill that should there be a group of 6 or more, there is an optional service charge of 12.5%. But there were only 2 of us. And why optional?  Frankly, it would be better if the service charge is included, as it makes it easy for customers to give the right amount. 

What do you think about this tipping thing? Do you give tips or service charge to restaurant staff? In Malaysia, we have no tip policy. However there is a service charge. It is so easy and one need not bother whether one would be treated differently from those large trippers.


The food is good and the service attentive, and quick.

So if you are near any  Jamie’s Italian, I suggest you try it out, if you haven’t done so.

I hope you like this review. Do let me know how you feel about tipping. I can recall when I was in Toronto many years back, and I went to a Chinese restaurant and left without tipping. I was loudly hailed by the waitress and asked to give tips!! I was shocked and of course I apologised and asked what is the usual amount. I was told  the  % to give. It seems at that time, the restaurant staff get paid from the tips. So there  you go, another version of tipping.

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Bye for now.

Penang Lassie

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