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Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog

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This Chinese New Year (CNY) did not have a good start for me. I fell and slipped and twisted my wrist 2 days before Chinese New Year, that is on Valentine’s Day!! After phoning 111, and made known to the customer service lady that I do not wish to go to A and E, I informed her that I just need her advice on how to take care of my wrist. She assured that she will need to ask some questions to determine whether I need to go to A & E. After answering her questions, her recommendation was that I go to A & E within the next hour. I was past 11pm!!

Nevertheless, I and daughter number 1 took a taxi there, to Nuneaton George Elliot Hospital. The lady at the reception was ever so friendly. After that I checked with her when would I get to be seen by the doctor. ” 2 hours, according to our schedule here”. “It may be longer , but 2 hours is the estimated time”, she said. So we went to the waiting area and daughter offered me a hot chocolate from the vending machine. She also had one herself. Then I was called in! In less than 15 minutes!! I only had a few sips of the hot chocolate!!

I was seen by the Doctor and sent for X-ray. There was a wait at the X-ray. There were not so many people but they were just busy trying to tidy up things and catching up. Then was my turn and the x- was thorough, many different  sections of my wrist was x-rayed. Then I was sent to the waiting area. In a few minutes, another doctor saw me and told me that nothing was broken and all I need to do is to rest.

All this takes less than 1 hour!!

So who says NHS is horrible?? Not Me , not this case. This is excellent. Well done George Elliot Hospital, Nuneaton.!! ?? ❤


There was no cooking on the eve of CNY, which traditionally is a must as it is the reunion dinner. We ordered pizza instead. On the 1st day of CNY, we had nuke food from Waitrose. However, I have planned with my friend Caryn to host a CNY lunch on Sunday. This is for close family members and a special friend, Holly, whom we have not met for some time.

So poor me had to start preparing a few days before.

I was to cook/ prepare Vegetarian Yu Sheng ( or Yee Sang in Cantonese), Roast Pork or Sio Bak, and a dessert.

Caryn made Sweet & Sour Chicken, Bok Choi with Oyster Sauce and a Home-made Ginger cake.

Since the roast pork does not require cutting and shredding, it is ok for me. However, I need to shred the vegetables and fruits for the Yu Sheng. My wrist was still sore, but I did manged to cut and shred by trying to do so without moving my wrist . I was surprised that I could do that.

Here is what we did for the lunch.

We had Yu Sheng, but It is vegetarian, or rather vegan or plant-based.

Chinese New Year, Yu Sheng, Salad,

Doggy Yu Sheng or Yee Sang.You can get the recipe here.

Chinese New Year, Yu Sheng, Salad,
Tossing the Yu Sheng salad as high as we can to ensure our fortunes are high!! A happy occasion.
Chinese New Year, Roast pork, Sio Bk
Crispy roast pork. the crackling is to die for.
Chinese New Year lunch, friends,
Helping ourselves to the food.
Lunar New Year, Roast Pork, Crispy crackling, wefifo,
Sweet and sour chicken pieces, served with a tangy sweet and sour sauce. Yummy!
Bok choi, mince meat, oyster sauce, Chinese New Year,
Delicious bok choi with minced meat and oyster sauce. A well made vegetable, still crunch and fresh.
Chinese New Year, ginger cake, wefifo,
Pretty home made ginger cake, with pretty decoration. A work of love.
drinks, after food,
Enjoying after dinner drinks.
Single Malt, whisky, Chinese New Year,
Single Malt whisky. Which one costs almost £40, £70 and £200? I have absolutely no idea!!
Chinese New Year, Hung Bao, red packet, lucky money,
A Hung Bao for the toddler. A Chinese Tradition.
Chinese New Year, Freinds,
Having a prolonged farewell after a great evening.

That was a great evening shared with friends and family.

Huat, Huat, Huat!! ( prosperity, prosperity, prosperity!! –in the Hokkien dialect).

I will still be hosting a few more dinners, so it will be a busy period.

I hope you enjoy this read as much as we enjoyed the evening.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Penang Lassie.

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