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#Easy Kimchi Burger

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Recently I visited my niece in London. As usual I went to visit some sites. But this time it was not visiting all the touristy places but more of a slower pace walking about around where she lives. We went to several restaurants.  However I will not go into it as I have been posting on my travel and reviews recently. So I shall share a recipe instead. My niece and her husband has this recipe which they concocted themselves. It was tasty and a bit unusual.

I went home and made it last week and it turned out well too.  A note on the Kimchi, though. The flavour of the burger depends on the type or brand of kimchi that you buy. I have not  cooked with kimchi before, so I took the first one that I came across. I suppose the depth of flavours varies from brand to brand. So in the recipe, do check the taste. You can add more soy sauce if need be.

Easy Kimchi Burger

An easy summer burger to enjoy outdoors

Servings:       6 -8
Time :           1 hour to prep and BBQ
Difficulty :    easy


1kg          Minced Turkey Breast , or minced beef, pork or chicken
1               Spring Onion- chopped
1               Bottle Kimchi – around 330g, chopped
2 Tbsp   Light soy sauce or to taste


To serve:

Burger buns


Roast vegetables, sauces, etc.


  1. Mix all the ingredients together with hand.
  2. To make the burger firm, stir the mixture in one direction until it is well blended.
  3. Then take the mixture and bang or hit it on the side of the bowl. After a few bangs, the mixture will firm up.
  4. Then divide the mixture into 8 burgers (6 if you have a great appetite).
  5. Shape them into balls and slightly flatten them.
  6. Place over hot coals or under the home grill. Grill for about 6-8 minutes on one side and slightly charred.
  7. Flip over and grill for another 6-8 minutes. Check that the burger is thoroughly cooked by using a thermometer, if you have. Or by making sure that there are no reddish colour and the burger is firm.
  8. Remove and placed in the buns and serve with salad, roast vegetables, corn-on-the cob, etc.
  9. Enjoy!!
easy, kimchi, burger, trukey mince, barbeque
The burger mix – minced turkey breast, kimchi and some spring onions.


Kimchi. You can use whatever brand you wish.
Kimchi. You can use whatever brand you wish.


kimChi, burgere, barbecue, easy
Kimchi burger waiting to be sizzled.


kimchi, burger, barbecue, easy
Kimchi burger, mushrooms, chicken getting the treatment.
kimchi, burger, easy
Courgettes, chicken, burgers coming up nicely.

This is my niece’s version … too big for my jaw!

easy, burger, kimchi, barbecue
Here is the Whopper!! Seasoned burger with fresh tomatoes and salad.

My version made at home… still too big for my jaw..!!

burger, kimchi, easy,summer
Burger My Way.. my home made kimchi burger with roasted vegetables and salad. It is easy and healthy and delicious!

I hope you like this simple burger. Please ‘click’ and ‘share’, so that my recipes can be easily found.

Do you have any unusual burgers or summer BBQ recipes? Do share.

Many thanks and enjoy the sunshine.

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