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Love Food Hate Waste Waste Class No. 2 & 3

Love Food Hate Waste class number 2 and 3 went well.

In the 2nd class, we were so busy that we did not have enough time to stop and take some photos. The food was eaten quickly. We had Penang Fried Noodles, Braised Pork  in Soy Sauce or Tau Ewe Bak, and Blanched Vegetables. All the recipes can be found in this site

In the 3rd class, we had Easy Peasy Chicken Curry, Fried Cabbage Mamak Style, a Simple Salad to go with the curry, and Ondeh-ondeh.

I decided to do this Malay/Mamak dishes as we had several Malaysian Chinese dishes all these while, so I thought it would be good to have some variety. My intention of ‘spicing up’ the classes ‘worked really well’. It was too hot!!

The general opinion was that the curry was too hot, the salad was too hot ( there was a red chilli in the salad).

The participants were not used to pairing salty with sweet taste. The Ondeh-ondeh filling was sweet and the coconut was salty. This is great as they actually get to try new combinations of flavours!! (although it wasn’t very popular). Some are not used to the texture of the Ondeh-ondeh.

The fried cabbage Mamak style was gorgeous. One of the participants fried the cabbage well – slightly charred, which actually improved the flavour. We had to make 2 portions of the cabbage and it went!

2014-03-10 lfhw wk 3 frlied cabbage mamak
The last bit of the Fried Cabbage!!

In fact it was better than the one that I cooked! Well done. I am so proud of the participants.

I will post the recipes later in the week.

I will be having another 4 sessions in another location in the coming months and will share the recipes that I have missed sharing with you this time.

Thank you for your patience.

Have a great evening!





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