Environmentally Friendly Christmas Gift Set -Jute Bag
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Where To Find Festive Events Near Hinckley


I thought I better list some of the events which I will be in this festive season.

I will be there with the delicious Malaysian cakes and bakes. There will be new products as well… My nyonya instinct is to make food with local influence, so come and check it out.
29th November (Friday) Burbage Christmas Light Switch On, 5.00pm – 9.00pm
30th November (Sat) Producers Show Case, Wigston Fields New & Deli 10.30 am to 4.00pm
7th December (Sat) Burbage Farmers Market, 9.00am to 12.30pm
15th Dec (Sun) Feast Hinckley, 10.00am to 6pm, @ Market Place
22nd Dec (Sun) Market Bosworth Farmers Market, 9am to 2pm
Here are some photos to whet your appetite.
Dragon balls being wrapped.
Dragon Balls are individually wrapped. The flaky pastry is rolled out individually to give a nice even layer all round.
Chigan filling on the pastry before sealing.
Chigan leek and potato pasty, with the filing on the pastry before sealing.

This pasty is my take the English Chicken leek and potato Pasty. I put my own spin in this. This is what Nyonya food is all about – incorporating local food with my Malaysian influence. It has a spice which is not normally used in pasty.

Try it and you will know.

Oh Yes, It is named Chigan is because I use vegan Quorn instead of real chicken. So Chigan is born.

Pandan Chiffon Cake. Adding the pandan mixture into the meringue.
Pandan Chiffon Cake. Adding the pandan mixture into the meringue.

Pandan Chiffon Cake is the favourite cake in Malaysia. It is a very temperamental cake to make. But the effort is worth it.  My version is different. The ones in Malaysia has a lot of air and not much taste. People there love it for the texture. My version uses pure coconut oil and coconut milk, so there is so much more flavour. Many of my friends like it. So friends, hope to see you in Burbage and Market Bosworth. 

Making peanut cookies
Hand rolling the peanut cookies.

The peanut cookies are make from peanuts, not peanut butter. The nuts are roasted and blended till fine and made into balls. What a tedious task. It is easier to buy it. So come and get it.

Vegan and gluten-free cookies.
Vegan and gluten-free cookies fresh from the oven.

Today I have nailed it! I was experimenting with different ingredients and finally, I have the gluten-free cookies with a nice shape, no a thin flat mess. Hurrah! The light crunchiness is there, too.

Pieces of vegan chocolate cake.
The ones you get in the stall are bigger!

This is one chocolate cake that I really like. It is moist and yummy. I am so proud of myself.

Gift ideas. Made to order. Peanut cookies in premium packaging.

Environmentally Friendly Christmas Gift Set -Jute Bag

You can also get a gorgeous jute bag with 3 packs of cookies at a very special price. This makes a perfect gift for the environmentally conscious person. 

There are vegan and vegetarian food only at the stall.
Order online and pick up at event venues. You save on delivery charges.
So see you there!
Please like and share this post to you friends so more people can know about my fab food.
Until the next post, see you and keep warm, safe and sound.


Penang Lassie


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