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Last 2 Days at Yangon

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Upon arrival at Yangon, we go  back and did the necessary washing of our clothes and sort some things out. We then go to down town Yangon  on foot and head to Bogyoke Market. This is a very big market that I should visit according to my friend. On the way, we pass by the Monument and the Parliament house . It is now the City Hall, as the capital of Myanmar has shifted to Naypyidaw. We enjoy the walk and we pass by a lady who reads palm. Well, actually, she uses numerology. So we just decide to have some fun and have our numbers read. We had a good laugh.

Yangon City Hall, Myanmar, Colonial building,
The old parliament house. Now the Yangon City Hall. This was the venue where there were protests held in the 90’s in support of democracy.


Burma. Myanmar, Yangon, Secretariat Building
Old Colonial buildings. Also known as the Secretariat Building. Burma was a British colony for many years.

We stop by  Sule Pagodo. It looks a bit like Eiffel Tower with a big bottom. Of course there is entrance fees to pay.

Sule temple, Yangon, Myanmar, Burma,
Sule Temple in the city.


Sule Temple. Yangon, Pagoda, gondola,
A gondola carrying offerings of gold leaf and more. This will take the offering to the top of the pagoda. Saves climbing up.

Bogyoke market is very big and had a lot of different sections. There are the printing and book section ( we went there on the first day), shopping area divided into sections: shoes, general goods, textiles and fabric, souvenir, florists, etc. There is even a large section in a different building that houses the jewellery section. In here there are shops selling gold, silver, jade and all sorts of precious and semi precious stones. among them, there are shops that specialise in pearls. There are big pears…. really big ones. I am cautioned that one has to be careful as some of the pearls are made from ground pearls moulded to get large pearls.

pearls, Bogyoke Market, Yangon, Myanmar,
Pearls, glorious pearls!

My friend recommends me a shop that she usually buys from. After some haggling ( it is an art! One should enjoy the process of haggling!) I decide to purchase a ring with 3 different coloured pearls. I feel happy. My friend want to get one as well, but the lady boss says she needs to reserve her a good one.

We have lunch in the food court. The food is like Malaysian, but is a bit different. In this food court there is this

lunch, Yangon, Bogyoke Market.
Noodles for lunch. Noodles with minced pork, thick gravy, and bean sprouts.

gentlemen who is like the ‘front office manager’ who welcomes customers and seat them and generally be nice to them. He is a bit entertaining. His job is to take order and make sure you feel welcome. This is a good experience for the customers like me.

We look for souvenir like tapestry and tapestry bags. However, I cannot find one that I like, or the ones I like do not meet budget. BTW, my budget is tight as have some of the tapestry at home so I do not have much need for one.

After walking and exploring the area, we walk home and pass by a supermarket. We browse the supermarket and buy some food stuff for tea and dinner. There is this local snack ( or kuih as we call it in Malaysia ) that is the same as the one we have at home (Malaysia). It is made of ground rice flour, and steamed with fresh coconut and palm sugar. In Malaysia, the kuih is steam in small little cups and is known as ‘puttu piring’. In Myanmar, it is steam as a big piece and then cut to size. The taste and cooking process is the same.

pickled fruit, hawker, yangon
Pickled fruits, a type of plum, very famous in Yangon.


puttu piring, coconut, palm sugar, tea,
Tea-time favourite – ground rice with fresh grated coconut and palm sugar. This is similar to ‘puttu piring’ of Malaysia.

Along the way, nearer to our house, there are stalls selling foodstuff and we decide to get more snacks for tea.

tea time, yangon,
More snacks!

We then walk home. It is a tiring day, and an enjoyable one.

The next day, we go out on foot again. We decide to walk to Kandawgyi Lake. It is a big lake with the Royal Barge in the centre. There is also a fountain. There are lotus plants, too.  The lake is surrounded by the Kandawgyi Natural Park. It is a lovely place to walk about and locals come here to enjoy the serenity.


Kandawgyi, Natural park, Yangon.
Kandawgyi Lake with the Golden Barge in the background.

We then walk to Kandawgyi Palace Hotel. This is the oldest luxury hotel in Yangon. We walk to the entrance and it looks grand.

Kandawgyi Lake Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
Kandawgyi Lake Hotel, the oldest Luxury hotel in Yangon.

We walk up the path and then we see a sign that says ‘For Foreigners Only’. Again, I am aghast at the sign! How do you feel if you are local? So I told my friend that we are foreigners as I have a camera around my neck and just be cool. Then we need to go through the checking area; our bags have to go through the x-ray machine, and we walk pass a metal detector! Then it strikes me I am indeed a foreigner!! It is just that Myanmar is so alike Malaysia that I feel that I am a local. The security guard asks my friend whether she is a tour-guide. We reply that she is a friend. So we are alright. What a discrimination!!.!

The hotel is really nice, luxurious and the interior is furnished with traditional Myanmar decor.  Prices in US dollars! We walk around and use the facilities. Then we spot the ‘Thanaka’ at the lobby. I have seen this in our hotel in Inle, but I was too busy to try it. Since we were on a free and easy day, I decide to give it a try. This Thanaka is a big one. The one in Inle was a small one, with the grinder the size of a dinner plate and the branch is size of one’s wrist.

So I must try this. We have a good laugh. Click here to see video. Or click below.



Beauty paste, thanaka, Burma
‘Lady Grace’ with Thanaka paste on face!

After that, we get more info about the area from the reception. We then walk from Kandawgyi Lake to the Rose Garden Hotel. Along the way, we come across the  zoo area of the lake, a hotel training school and lots of other interesting buildings.

At the Rose Garden Hotel, we have a look around and decide to have a drink. So as usual, all prices are in US Dollars.

Yangon, Burma, Rose Garden hotel,
Having a break in Rose Garden Hotel.

Again, we walk to Bogyoke market as my friend wants to reserve a ring similar to mine with the lady boss. While there, I decide to buy a touristy bag and have lunch.

On the way home, we come across a bakery supply shop and I got myself a set of 3D jelly mould. We then walk back to home.

I pack and leave for the airport in the evening and look forward to heading home. My trip has been enjoyable thanks to my hosts, who are super great. I will be visiting them in Brunei next. Of course, it is good to give the 2 drivers some ‘Ang Pows’, after all they have been super helpful. Further more, one is getting married soon.

I hope you enjoy reading about my travel to Myanmar, my adventures and misadventures. This is what makes like enjoyable.

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