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Wishing You a Happy New 2017 !!

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2016 is coming to and end and we are all looking forward for the New Year which we all hope and determine to be better. May all of us have a wonderful and great new year full of victories.

I just want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding. As you can see, I am slowly trying to improve myself. Sometimes it is hard as lethargy is always there, but I persist, sometimes I feel like kicking myself on my backside. We all have our negative and positive side. So before the new year, I would like to thank some people who have made my year a bit more interesting.

The Community House.

Comm House, Barwell,
The end result of our sessions – a nice diagrammatic representation of what we have achieved. Thanks to the super artistic lady in our group, Jo.

I have attended 2 of their courses there and have made new friends. Next year will also be full of activities. The ladies there have been great, Militza Kirkham is the house coordinator ( something like that). We had our Xmas Lunch as well.

Carers Time Out in Barwell Group.

This is a newly formed carers group and we had some social occasions like BBQ, trip to the Nottingham Xmas Market and shopping.  We had our Xmas dinner as well. This group has more events lined up in 2017. If you know of any carers who live around Hinckley area, and can do with some support and respite, do let us know. Kerry Smith, the co-ordinator has been brilliant in helping to organise things for the group.

Notthingham Xmas Market on its opening day.
Nottingham Xmas Market on its opening day.


Nottingham, Xmas market, carers
After all the walking, time to refuel and have a cuppa and some snacks.


Carers Choir

This has been going strong for me and I do enjoy it very much.

We performed at the Whetstone Parish  Council on 13th Dec. It was fun and there were prizes for the best Xmas hat, jumper and lot of prizes to give a way. All of us choir members went home with a goody bag sponsored by Waitrose (oooo… posh!). A big ‘thank you’ to Christine the lovely lady who was supporting the community. Waitrose was also at the carers event in the Blaby council.

wmas, Waitrose, carers choir, Blaby,
Our Performance in Whetstone Parish Council, Most of our singers came in absolutely fascinating jumpers, head-gear, blinking earings and all the lot. We won the best Xmas jumper, most interesting head-gear – which was a turkey, and others. Not bad for a bunch of happy/ a bit mad singers!


Waitros, Carers choir, christmas,
Contents of the goody bag from Waitrose. Thank you.

However, we were not successful in the Aviva funding. Thanks to all of you who voted for us. On a cautious note, I found out that we need more people so that we can get more funding. It would be a shame if this choir disband.

Lutterworth, Choir, Xmas
Our Christmas Choir performance in Lutterworth Youth Theater. All happy after a successful performance. Most importantly, we enjoyed ourselves and we had a chance to doll up a bit to cheer ourselves up. We need to look after our well-being after all.

We are always looking for new carers to join us. You do not need to have a melodious voice,  we offer a chance for respite and sing our hearts out. So if you know if anybody whom you think will benefit from this therapy, do let me know.

Of course, we must not forget all the lovely and dedicated ladies in VASL, who have been working hard to organise and get funding for the choir. And thanks to Pam, the volunteer who is always there to make us Tea. Muah, muah!!

More about VASL, please click here.

SGI South Leicestershire group.

We have been busy and this year we had a number of new  people interested in SGI and its philosophy. We are now a chapter and …. eermmm… everything is the same. No major upheaval. So for 2017, I have made my personal and district determinations – to be happy, share the Buddhist philosophy and be victorious in all that I do. Here is to world peace!!

Click here for more details about SGI-UK

Earl Shiton Camera Club.

I decided to join the camera club a few months ago and I realised that I have a lot to learn. In fact, too much to learn considering that I have to update myself on social media, blogging, etc., etc. I will catch up some day!! Nevertheless, the  members are friendly and helpful.

And not forgetting my social media friends who have alway supported me in one way or another – a very big THANK YOU.

So far so good. Let me wish you a glorious 2017 and may the new year be a fantastic one for you!! See you in the next post.

Thank you once again.

Penang Lassie.

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